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i need a good finishing powder.

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I've been using Cover Girl Fragrance Free pressed powder in Ivory, which is the perfect color and it doesn't break me out as much as most other powders.

Still, I'd like to find something that covers just as smoothly and nicely without all the preservatives and chemicals. I am getting some clogged pores on my chin and I'm pretty sure it's from the CG powder.

I wear Bare Naturale mineral foundation and concealer, btw, and I haven't tried the finishing powder that comes with it because it's expensive as hell, just like the rest of L'Oreal's BN line.

Does anybody know if that stuff is any good?

I'll be checking MUA as well, so this isn't like an urgent thing, but I'd like to hear some advice from fellow acne sufferers.

By the way, I have very, VERY oily and sensitive skin and I am pretty much the palest person alive.

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I really like kaolin clay finishing powders. They blend in really well and provide good oil control. Silk is probably the best "natural" finishing powder on the market, but a lot of people are allergic to it.

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MSprinkles:: I read some reviews of Cover FX on MUA and it seems to cause some breakouts in people, plus I'd never heard of Cover FX so I assume it's more of a department store makeup. I'd rather try the cheapie drugstore stuff before I move to the high end brands.

Manisha:: I'll give the Physicians Formula stuff a try, since it's available at the grocery store. I'd rather get something that can be obtained easily and anywhere then something I have to order online.

Howling Bells:: I've bought a few EM products and I gotta say, I wasn't too impressed.

These were just the foundations, though, and not the finishing powders. I might give them a try, if I have the extra cash to blow.

Jolian:: I've heard good things about kaolin clay. What brand of kaolin clay powder do you use?

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Jolian:: I've heard good things about kaolin clay. What brand of kaolin clay powder do you use?

Right now I'm using Everyday Mineral's Start to Finish Powder with kaolin clay :) .

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