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lucas h

help a noob get rid of his red marks

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here's my situation: I used to have moderate acne in the area around my mouth, but now it's a lot better. However, I still do get pimples every once in a while, but they aren't much. But, it looks like I still have a lot of acne because of the red marks. For the past couple months I've been using moisturizer+sunscreen and washing gently twice daily, but my red marks haven't gotten any better.

Now, I've read a little bit about skin peels, and they sound like they might be right for me, but I'm kind of scared to try it. For one, it seems like most of the people who've had success with peels have had acne on their cheeks and foreheads and stuff, and in my experience these areas are less sensitive than the mouth area. I'm really afraid that it will make my skin red and irritated or something, especially since I haven't used any harsh chemicals in a long time. Also, is it okay to do peels if I have still a couple pimples? or should I wait until they're all gone?

For anyone that has been through this, any advice is appreciated, and if you could basically walk me through the steps of using these peels and getting rid of the marks that wouId be awesome, and I know this has been discussed before, but I fail at finding, so any links would be appreciated too.


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oops I just saw the massive thread on skin peels that says "constantly being updated to answer all your questions". I'll post this there too, but any replies are still appreciated!

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I would love to chat with people who have my problem RED MARKS so we can talk about new regimens and stuff message me if you want right now im currently use Avons Anew clinical re texturing peel I am new to it so I cant tell you if it's working or not but its not making anything worse!! lol

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