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I need advice pleasee... look at pic

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user posted image

user posted image

I need help. I had mild acne, now I'm left with some icepick & box scars. I really want to get rid of them. Is there any topical medication/mask or anything that can help? I can't do peeling coz I can't afford the down time. Please advice... thank you! CJ

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bnb, i just did my first application of 50% lactic acid! I left it on for 4 minutes, for a wee while afterwards my face was nice and pinkish. I applied this at 8pm and it is now 9pm and i am pukka (back to normal!!)

So yes, back to uni tomorrow. biggrin.gif

My skin looks so much better and it just glows! I look forward to my next application..

All the best//

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if you still have acne consider a Benyol perioxide gel. Also think about high dose vitamin b5 (10g/day). If all fails - roaccutane.

For the acne scar redness use TCA complex. 4-5 day downtime. If you do it on friday on returning from uni, perhaps only miss 2 days of uni. Lactic acid peels are also meant to be good - no downtime I hear. Also consider vbeam for acne scar redness.

Ice picks - consider TCA cross.

good luck

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I don't have any acne.. those are just red spots.. they look terrible though. TCA cross, there is downtime for that too right?

BjórkniSs, glad it works for you. I just ordered the lactic peel 40% online.. will wait couple days. Let me know how it goes.. do you have red spots or scars?

Thanks everyone for your reply!

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i have the red/brown marks left over from old acne. By back to normal, i don't mean they have cleared from one application, i mean the pinkness from the lactic has subsided, allowing me to go out.

It will take a few applications before i can see i guees. But overall skin tone is looking great. Nice and soft too.. smile.gif

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I'm having my first peel tomorrow.. so nervous.. how often can you do the peeling anyway?

BjórkniSs: how's it for you? how's your skin? are you on your 2nd peel yet? Let me know..

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I'm sorry, been busy.. smile.gif

I have used the lactic twice now. Will be applying it for a third time within the next hour or so.

My skin is noticibly (sp) smoother, and the red marks do look like they've faded a little. I could see this doing good if you keep it up twice a week for a while. biggrin.gif

I also use creams with antioxidants in it, to speed up the process.

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