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Candida, Die off reaction?

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Recently I found out about candida, and with all of the things I've tried for my acne I thought this one had to be it since it made so much sense with the other symptoms. I started taking the following 6 days ago:

-Candistroy which has zinc and a bunch of other things to destroy it, then you also take a probiotic rebuilder pill with it, 1 of each of those twice a day

-then i also take over 15cfu of acidiphilus

-2000mg pau d'arco

-4500mg garlic

-some probiotic drink and yogurt each day

-been staying away from sugar and carbs

The first 4 days I noticed that I gained no new spots at all, but at the time I had already had quite a few big spots, they slowly started to die off, I was really happy because I felt like I finally found it, now on the 6th day, most of the spots are still hanging around and I've gained a bunch of new little ones all over my face. To people that know about candida: Is this a die off reaction I'm having do you think?

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I really seems to be. I started off getting better, but then got a bunch of new pimples during what I assume was the die-off of my candida. Are you noticing anything else? (like nausea, cravings for carbs, tiredness etc...) 6 days seems too soon to be having a die-off...but I guess it really varies per case. I only started getting the die-off symptoms 2 weeks into the diet and only after I had eliminated ALL forms of grains, sugar and vinegar. You're taking all the right stuff though, as far as I can tell. If you're not already doing this, maybe try taking the candida killer in between meals (away from food) and the probiotics with meals...that's what my naturalpath has me doing and its working pretty well. Congrats so far! I know how annoying the diet gets, lol...

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Also I'm using castor oil on my face at night. I've been feeling tired, but that's pretty normal for me. See I've been told by some people that you need to cut out every single sugar and carb from your diet, and then others have told me its ok to have some here and there, because you're killing it off too much for it to have an effect on the candida.

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