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have a dilema help!

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Ive noticed macrocomedone coming back after taking accutane, ive been off it for 8 months and my skin was really good, however i only took 20 mg for 2 months and then a further 40 mg for 2 months, i dont no if i should go back to my dermatlogist and ask to b put back on it for a bit to clear these macrocomedones (which were the first thing to dissapear on accutance), u cant c them very well there tiny and under the skin, but my dermatlogist noticed these first thing when i went originally, dont no wat they mean, ive only got 2 little pimples on the side of my mouth, wat shpuld i do, (btw had no side effects on accutane apart from slightly dry lips)


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How was ur acne before you started accutane if you dont mind me askin?

If it were me, I'd go to the derm JUST to make sure things dont get worse!

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Guest missyjean130

What's a macrocomedone?

I demand pictures.

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Well my acne wasnt cystic or anything, i had black heads and white heads, i suppose u could say mild to moderate acne, but yeah just noticed these macrocomedones which btw there just litttle bumps in the skin tiny pimples under it, there blocked pores, but not open pores, and i just have a feeling dont no why that my acne may start to get worse, even though it hasnt happened yet. Dont wan to go to a dermatologist for it to b nothing casue i got to pay $120 just to c him. Maybe il just wait a bit and then if it gets worse c him,

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