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Does this regimens effects last long enough to keep acne at bay for longer than a few months?

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Hi there, I have been using various products prescribed by my GP and other over the counter products (think that I have tried alost everything out there at least once!) to try to control my acne for the past couple of years, including benzoyl peroxide and have found that most routines of wash, apply, mousturise show brilliant results in the first couple of weeks/months but after a certain amount of months my skin begins to build a defense system towards the benzoyl peroxide and before I know it, my acne is back on square one! I am currently using a gel prescribed called Duac gel which contains benzoyl peroxide and this has worked a wonder, but recently i have began to break out again after a years usage!

I was just wondering if anyone has used Dan's regimen long enough (or if Dan himself could answer this one) to find out if its effects last longer than a few months?

Thanks everyone. (Great website btw!)

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Hey mclean, I've only been on the regimen since January but have read around the boards numerous times (I believe I read Dan comment on this too once) that since the BP kills acne bacteria, it's impossible for one to become "immune" to it. Yet you say in your post that you built up a defense to your product which contains BP after a year, so hmm. Perhaps Dan's treatment gel has a higher concentrate of BP, which would make it a bit more effective? I don't know a lot about the science or what have you of the stuff. However, I have also heard from many people on here who have been doing Dan's regimen for a few years (Dan himself has been on it for 11 or 12?) and it is still just as effective for them now as it was in the beginning, so it must indeed work long-term for some people. Hope that helps a little.

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