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I haven't missed 1 day of Regimen since April 11th and

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Hey, I have not missed one single day of the regimen since April 11th and I am still clear!!

My face has continued to clear up progressively. I haven't had one cystic acne in at least 2 months, I haven't had a big pus-filled pimple since I started!

I recently joined the gym and I wear a little bit of Mary Kay minerals foundation (which I love!!) and I use a towel to pat dry my face. I think the combination of a not-too-clean towel (from touching the equipment) and the makeup has started giving me very tiny pinpoint size pimples on my cheekbones and nose area, but I kicked my usage back up to 2 pumps last night and this morning I am already clearing. It is amazing how fast this stuff works!

Just wanted to say how my obsession with acne is now seeming like a very distant memory!

Please try DK's regimen! It has saved me! I haven't been depressed about my looks in months, I enjoy shopping, I have joined the gym and am losing lbs., and I am not self-conscious of people staring at me!! Well, not because of my face anyway!!

I truly think there is some kind of "big medicine" conspiracy against DKR. I think they understand that only one man would stand to gain profit if they stood behind this regimen and that one man would not be them.

Daniel Kern deserves to become a multimillionaire from this product and only because he cared enough to share what he discovered with strangers like me.

Daniel Kern, please stay humble. Don't get greedy. Know that part of the reason why your efforts are so much help is because you don't try to price-gouge acne sufferers. I would hate to see this only becoming available through a "membership price" of 29.99 or 39.99/month like Proactive and all of the other non-working treatments.

I look in the mirror every morning and thank God for this regimen! Try it!

NOTE--- I used to get huge, painful cystic acne underneath the skin that would last for months in the same spot, leave for a while, then come back again. It appeared mostly along my jawline, chin, cheeks, in between my eyebrows where I pluck, and IN my eyebrows. I haven't had ONE in the upper half of my face since the initial clear-up and haven't had ANY in my lower half since giving up citris and vitamin C supplements.

I also used to get painful, infected -from -picking, huge, pus-filled pimples just about anywhere. I haven't had one of those since the initial clear-up.

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Good for you!! That is really awesome news. I totally know how you feel. I started the regimen in January while being (miraculously) clear at the time, and have stayed clear since then because of how awesome Dan is :) Seriously, last year at this time was the most depressing period of my whole life for many reasons, but near the top was the dreaded, persistent acne. You know the feeling....you always just KNEW another one was on its way, just a matter of time. Living with that feeling is hell. So I try to thank God everyday for how it is now, and not take it for granted. I AM, however, almost happy I went over a year dealing and struggling with acne, because I can now totally empathize with people who have it. Before I just never had a clue, but now it makes me want to reach out to people who have that struggle. It is hard! But these boards are a blessing, because so many useful tips are always floating around.

Anyway I went off on a tangent :) Really just wanted to say I am happy you have your confidence back. It is always cool to see someone talk about how it worked for them and you can tell they're truly grateful.

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How long did it take for you guys to get clear from when you started the regimen?

Hey King. Well, I had been clear for a few weeks when I started the regimen in January, but I totally credit it with keeping me clear since. Starting when I was clear was a huge gamble because I kept reading about how most people have a "2 week in breakout," and my acne always left marks that lasted for months, but now I consider going for it anyway to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. If you've never tried the regimen and are considering it, I say take the chance. Wish I had found this site sooner, is all.

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