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Spiro questions! please help!

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I am on sprio 200 mg a day for PCOS. ive been on spiro for about 6 weeks...only on the 200mg dose for about 2 weeks tho...(i started off at 100mg)

I am starting to get clear but I am doing other things as well (obagi, chem peels) However I am very red and have lots of red spots from where stuff has healed. Does this too go away with time? and does the spiro help all the little under the skin bumps. those seem to be so stubborn! idk if ive been on it long enough to see full effects but I really want things to start looking better soon!!! My bf comes back from iraq in oct and when he left i DID NOT look like this :( What was the magic time for you guys who have used it?! im just so frustrated!!!

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I had the same thing happen to me on spiro. While it's helped clear acne, it has made those red spots that were either completely healed or almost gone, come back. I just use a tinted moisturizer and mineral make-up to cover it all and with makeup and it makes my face looks clear.

One thing that may keep those smaller breakouts at bay is antibiotics, which I am also taking along with the spiro.

Another new thing that I LOVE is coconut oil!!! Yes, pure coconut oil. I am a picker and I picked a few tiny zits last week and I put pure coconut oil on them as advised by my cousin who has the clearest skin on earth. It REALLY work. Coconut oil is a natural antiseptic. I was afraid putting oil on my face, but it seems to have worked.

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