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40 & FREE AT LAST!!!!!

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Well, thanks to another member on here, I am clear. Only took me 4 years to get here too. :doubt:

I had acne as a teen and then after my second child my skin went nuts. I was on antibiotics and everything else short of accutane (did it as a teen). Turns out my derm was actually making me worse with some of the stuff he was recommending. I had no idea that acne was a fundamental problem of our pores getting clogged from make up and oil. I mean, even tho I knew- I thought NON COMODGENIC meant it was safe. NOT TRUE!!!

Everything that goes on your skin GOES IN YOUR PORES!! EVERYTHING!!! So its just a matter of constantly turning over your skin and sloughing it off DAILY. Some people are just blessed with small pores or their skin turns over rapidly on its own. Not me.

So thanks to a long distance relationship with Face Reality acne clinic. I am free. It will be a lifelong commitment to stay this way, but I at least now know what to do.

I had to throw out all my old makeup which was expensive and start using Glo Minerals which was actually cheaper. I had to make a commitment to layer a bunch of product on my skin including glycolic acids and BP 5% and 10% daily. I had no idea that some of the really high end items I was using were making me worse. Even some of the very expensive Vitamin C serums I used to buy were pore clogging.They were, when I stopped using them, I got better.

I am so glad I logged on here. I'd still be struggling if I hadn't. I can LEAVE MY HOUSE and look people in the eye. I knew my skin looked better when I was asked a few weeks ago to model for a catalogue. ( Still can't do that, too insecure). I'd post some before and after photos if I could just figure out how to do it....O well...

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Glad to hear your positive results! I can probably help with the uploading of pics if you want to do that. PM me if you want me to give you instructions on how to do that.

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