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I'm 29 and never had acne aside from a few PMS zits each month.


I must say that Clinique's Acne Solution Clarifying Lotion (with SA) and Moisturizer (with BP) have provided miraculous results on my forehead. Once the only place I ever had zits, now has been 100% blemish-free for 7 months. It has even remained clear through PMS, very stressful moments of teaching 7th grade, and a few family crises this year.


For the record, I NEVER had acne on my cheeks and I would very occasionally get a zit or two on my chin from PMS. About a month after using Clinique's 3-step program my chin and cheeks started breaking out like crazy. Especially my cheeks. I have to admit that my skin was beautiful for that first month. Clinique was addictive. I wanted that skin again. I gave Clinique the benefit of the doubt an blamed hormones, stress, and anything else I could blame and continued to use it. I finally got so fed up with the acne that I went to a dermatologist to get prescriptions. My face got worse. So, one by one, I started removing the steps. I first removed step 2, the clarifying lotion (toner). There was no change. I then switched step 3, the moisturizer with another product that was more "acne friendly." Still, no change. For whatever reason, I still had confidence in step 1, the mild liquid face soap (not really soap) and continued to use it for months because the ingredients appeared harmless and my dermatologist agreed. Besides, I had spent the money on it, I was going to use it. My skin continued to get new blemishes. Well, about 2 weeks ago, I finally got sick of it and switched to a more "acne friendly" cleanser. Guess what? Could just be coincidence, but my face is complelety clear for the first time in 7 months and it just so happens to fall during PMS when I usually have something. The logical conclusion at this point is that Clinique CAUSED the acne on my chin and cheeks.

What we can learn from this experience:

Go with your instinct. If you have a hunch something external is causing your acne. Don't be bull-headed. Ditch it!

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