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weird bumbs on my ...... can it be acne?

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Im not really sure if this is the right place for this topic but oh well.

Anyway i heard sombody else talking about it on this board once before, so like there are these funky white bumps on my wang. I am a virgin so i know its not an std, ive had it since i was like 13 or something i cant remember for a long time anyway.

They are deffinatly under the skin cause you cant see them unless the skin is streached. But yeah there are a bunch of them on the underside of the shaft i guess. If you pick at them they become red and inflamed for a day but then its back to normal.

If anyone has any idea what they are, or how to get rid of them please tell me.

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First things first, these are not harmful or anything to worry about. They are normal and a lot of men get them.

They are hair follicles where the hair hasn't grown properly leaving the white dot. They are completely normal.

Hope this helps.

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Don't get rid of them, I have them. Have you ever seen those vibrators with the tiny bumps along them =P~

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their not pleasant for the partner to look at or feel during blowjob, a lot naive(average) girls can mistake them for warts or an STD....then its x-tra time with Miss Palm

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OMG!! I have those as well they look freaking nasty too worst then my acne... I am going to the doctor on monday to figure this out I want this crap removed sad.gif... I tried using ratien a on it... not good idea.. it peeled my skin and made my penis burn LOL !!! dont try this @ home!

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