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Pretty interesting.....

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The exact reason why you don't get a tattoo- because you'll eventually get sick of it/outgrow it and have to figure out how to have it removed.

Remember when tribal art/arm bands were the rage. Now everyone's spending tons of cash to try and remove those ugly and terribly cliched tats.

I told myself that I might get a tattoo if I thought of something that I would absolutely never want to change or get removed in my entire life- needless to say, I have found that yet.

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Hey lamarr, this has been posted in the scarless healing thread. Thing is, I dont think it might work for scars as the tattoo ink level doesnt go all the way into the dermis. If im not wrong, its just the epidermis.

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pharell also used to have bad acne as well. I believe he had a chemical peel done for his acne scars.

where did you hear that?

Did you not see him 2 years ago? Dudes face looked plastic.

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Check out the article, i am sure if they can do this, acne scars can be corrected perfectly aswell...


LMFAO ! ! !

and you say my accutane hairloss theories aree laughable (hair has come back way i expected it too aswell btw)

but then you think that TATTOO REMOVER (ink...skin...ink...skin) NOT skin defects and disfigurement.

will get rid of acne scars????????????? PMSL

your a fool Lamarr1986

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