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Guest retired

Stopped for the first time in about 7 years

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Guest T.M.

I've been on the Regimen from the start (I think about 7 years?) and about 2 weeks ago decided to give it a break to see how I'd go. I'm 32 so was thinking maybe I've grown out of it. I'd just been washing with the Purpose bar morning and night, nothing else. Around a week ago the first spot appeared which I could handle as it may have already been forming. Since then I've had 3 more around that area (corner of mouth right down one forming as the other goes away) and my lip has broken out with 2-3 stubborn spots which are taking for ever to go away. (Worse place to break out IMO)

I suffer from what I'd call mild/moderate acne just around the mouth, never anywhere else. It seems that the regimen really is still working for me. When on it I'd still break out every once in a while maybe a few spots at worse but not anything like this. I don't follow the regimen religiously as I like a drink ;) and know this couldn't be good for my skin + not getting washed some nights when I come in.

My memory isn't the best but I can remember the bad days before I found the site (2001?) my skin wasn't far off what its like now, spots on my lip that took forever to go away. To be honest I'm not to happy about having to do this morning and night but on days like this when I don't fancy going out because my skin looks so bad I know I'd rather do it and have my face clear. Now to get cleared up again. I've just got some of the AHA and will be plastering it on with BP for the next few days!

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