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Da Foxx

Skin Tone

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I was wondering how can you achieve the healthy looking skin without tanning? I'm kinda pale. I'm also on Accutane and I'm a guy.

Can certain vitamins do the trick?

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When you say healthy looking skin from tanning, I assume you mean tanned skin? No, vitamins cannot give you tanned skin. Fish Oil and Zinc may give your face a healthy glow though.

You can try a tinted moisturizer which would give colour to your face (until you wash it off). Or you can try a light self tanning product that gives you a gradual glow, Nivea, Dove, Vaseline etc. all make one.

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Try a self-tanner made for the face.

If you just want a more even skintone, not a tan, then try an AHA lotion at night. It can leave you a little pink at first, so just use it at night.

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Thanks for the replies! The answers are what I was looking for. I'll make sure to look into it. If anyone has anymore suggestions or advice it would great!

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Like the person above said, AHA definitely ! I use paula's choice products and they've made a huuuuuuge improvement in my skin tone and acne. go to cosmeticscop.com for her products there awesome :)

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I used to have no color in my cheeks at all until I got physically fit. Now I usually have some color in my cheeks and I look healthier despite still being pretty pale. So, I'd suggest exercise too.

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