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Super oily skin, cysts, clogged pores galore!

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Hey guys, I'm going in to see a dermatologist next week and I want some advice as to what to ask for.

I'm almost 22, female, and have extremely oily skin. I wash my face with gentle cleanser that doesn't dry out my face twice a day and within an hour my face looks like I'm sweating with small bead drop oil drops (it's so embarrassing people always joke about my shiny face). I have to blot my face so many times a day with oil pads to make sure I don't look disgusting.

I also have tons and tons of clogged pores all over my face, nose, chin, etc. I get relatively few small pimples (the zits that last a few days and go away) but I do get a considerable number of cysts-- the deep, painful ones that last for months and are extremely painful, big, and ugly. I get those all over my chin in the same places over and over again and now it's starting to spread to other parts of my face. :(

I've been to doctors a few times (not dermatologists; my health care requires I get referrals first) and they've given me:

- birth control (which gets rid of a lot of my little zits)

- tetracycline (gives me bad headaches and didn't work after months of use)

- differin (didn't work for me after a few months)

None of them have worked. :(

I'm wondering what I should get from my dermatologist this time. I'm tired of having acne and the oily face when I'm almost 22 and going into the professional work world soon. I want to ask for accutane, but I feel as though they'll look at my face and say I'm not bad enough cause I don't get little regular zits--only cysts on my chin and near my eye area + disgusting oily skin.

Anyone have any advice? I'm so tired of treatments that don't work. :(

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Since cysts usually end up scarring after a while I would think you could get on accutane if you wanted. Tell them about the cysts recurring in the same spots and let them know you want accutane. I would say they will probably want to try you on retin-a micro or duac and maybe different antibiotics. Usually if they haven't seen you before they don't want to jump right into accutane though it depends on the derm. Ask for info on accutane even if they don't want to put you on it, that way you can think about it. Also if you feel a medication won't help you express your doubts, get details. I can't tell you the amount of times I walked out of a derm's office with a prescription and a feeling of doubt. Good luck with your appt. and getting clear skin.

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You should ask for accutane. My derm prescribed mine after 3 visits my really face oily but my acne was mild. Accutane dries your face up a lot and you break out for the first month or so been on for almost one month breaking out really badly and dried up face. It also has lots of side effects though just get info on it and make your decision.

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get accutain if you can, no questions, its the difference between taking pills and using cremes for the next decade paying $$$$ a month to make your acne less bad, or getting on accutane for 5 months and being at worst only acne free for around two years at best you'll never have acne again.

Process of getting Accutane from a Dermatologist Explained

ok Dermatologist learn that to treat you on a 'treatment ladder'. The doctor will look at you and try the weakest treatment he/she thinks may work and then move up if the doc thinks that the results are not satisfactory. (usually 3 months a treatment)

If a treatment fails the doc will usually move down one step on the ladder until you get a satisfactory result.(or thats what the rules say they sould do)


OTC: Salacylic acid, BP (where you would start for mild acne)

BP plus topical antibiotic

topical retiniod(differin<Retin-A micro<Tazorac) and/or Topical antibiotic (where you may start if you have moderate acne)

Birth Control (Females only)

Oral Antibiotics w/ or w/o Topical retiniod...usually w/ (where you may start if you have Severe Acne)

Azeteic? Acid and other [email protected]$$ed treatments (my dirm doesn't use this step)

Oral Isotretinoin - Accutane (1st line theripy for Sever Nodular Cystic Scaring acne that has not responded------Also Indicated for Inflamitory Acne that has not responded to conventional tretment, and ACNE WITH SEVER PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS )

that last one is the one I used to get accutane but I had to go to 3 derms to get it so good luck.

Source = (MedPod101.com)

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Side Effects Rant (for people who have never been on accutasin)

Offical side effects are as follows

nausea, vomiting, heartburn, abdominal cramps, headache, dental erosion, kidney stones, severe diarrhea, nausea, gastritis, flushing, faintness, dizziness, and fatigue have been noted. Large doses may precipitate hemolysis (red blood cell destruction) in patients with glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, cirrhosis, gout, renal tubular acidosis, or paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

O WAIT THOSE ARE THE SIDE EFFECTS OF VITAMIN C! I better not ever get any of that in my system! kidney stones, severe diarrhea... no sir!

Don't let the list of side effects scare you. Also don't look for problems. If you go into every class thinking "im not going to be able to think, because of accut..." then you won't be able to think if your on accutane or placebo.

Isotretinoin side effects

- dry skin

- dry eyes in some people

- Birth defects (legit side effect, don't get pregnant!)

'side effects' that I have never heard of anyone ever complain about and I havn't experinced myself


-difficulty concentraiting

-turning into a Panda Bear

-getting a pet Unicorn


I know they will try to scare you with the all the tests and hoops they make you jump through. They are making me get a monthly liver ensyme test because isotretinion may cause slight, temporary liver inflamation. I can get Tylenol OTC and that is the leading cause of liver death, and much much much much much more dangerious to take.

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Thank you for the insightful posts thus far guys! :) I really appreciate it.

I really, really want a permanent solution. I've heard there are two things they can do in my situation... one being testing my hormone levels and giving me testosterone lowering pills (I'm afraid to take this since I don't want it to effect my sex drive and pills that I have to take for years at a time seems like a bad choice for my body) and Accutane. I'm just afraid my dermatologist will deny me outright for Accutane. :( I'd rather have a solution that has a chance of being permanent (Accutane) versus a plethora of pills with effects that will go away the second I stop taking the medication.

Any convincing arguments I could use in favor of Accutane? I'm just so sick of having a decade+ of gross skin while all my friends have perfectly clear skin. I don't want to walk out of the dermatologist's office empty-handed or disappointed.

Edit: Also, I have never been to this doctor before, so I don't know much about how willing for Accutane this doctor will be as she's never met me before.

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Under "Process of getting Accutane from a Dermatologist Explained"

Accutane is procribed for treatment risistant acne and acne w/ psycholgoical problems. Talk about everything you've tried and how it didn't work and talk about how acne IMPAIRS your life. "I don't go out to eat anymore, I miss work because I can't let anyone see me, I've stopped looking in mirrors...not even to comb my hair...etc"

note: accutane has been demistrated to not cause depression to it has been anicdotaly linked "like he took accutane then killed himself (or got hit by a bus or some other random event), therfore accutane causes sucide ( and getting hit by a bus by that logic). Because of the you can sue your doctor and win if you say accutane made your hurt yourself, medically i don't think its a problem, legaly it is. When you talk about impairment, make sure to tie it to your acne. IF your doc thinks your depressed there is no chance you will get accutane. not before seeing a psyciatrist anyway.

I would get your doc to write down the things youve tried so they have proof you arn't making up all these failed regiments. Good Luck!

Also, I just read my earlier posts and my spelling is terrible but this is my second course of accutane and my acne has consumed my life for the past year so i've done my research.

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Thank you all for the suggestions! Just a follow up:

Today I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed me Accutane. :):):) I have to wait a month since I'm female and they want to make sure I'm not pregnant and to do the whole iPledge thing, but other than that I'm so happy to finally have a solution!

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