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Facial hair diminish scarnig???...directed more toward guys

Hello all,

Im a 19 yr old male and well my facial hair isnt fully developed yet but is slowly coming in. I had moderate acne for about 2-3 yrs but its now somewhat undercontrol. However i guess my skin was very susceptible to scarring so within those 2-3 yrs i went from having the skin of a baby to having a good-amount of scars. I was wondering, for all you guys who have full facial hair growth, does the development of facial hair minimize the appearance of acne scarring?...Also, do most persons acne stop after full facial hair has developed. thanks

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You bet it helps!

Not much use for the cheeks of course but around the jawline its goodbye scars with even 4 o'clock shadow. I was three when I first grew hair. I've got thick hair. It wasn't until like 23 my stubble really came on. At first I thought it was really cool but now I just think all the shaving/grooming I have to do is a pain in the asre.

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so for the cheek scars it doesnt help much...how high on oyour cheek bone does your facial hari go and how bad were your scars?

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I would never regard growing stubble as a solution to acne scarring. I know I said it helps but that is only if you decided to have say "designer stubble" for a month or two. You can't keep a beard all your life to hide your scars. You'll have to fight your scars head on. Are they bad? Can you live with them? Do you want to try a scar procedure? Can you accept that your improvement may not be great?

A cover up like growing stubble will never satisfy you.

On top of that the girls hate it when you kiss them. biggrin.gif

Just kidding on that last part, it actually tickles them (just a little bit).

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Well the scarred areas where facial hairs grow will obviously cover-up the scars.

Facila hair is a more a problem though. I got 90% of my skin issues like hyper-pigmentation, whiteheads because of facial hair and the irritation from shaving.

If in the past I wouldn't have close shaved then I wouldn't have got acne. I only get whiteheads after shaving.

I have never found a way to shave but still have a stubble. All the manual and electric shavers I tried have all given a close shave. I tried trimmers but they either don't cut enough for a stubble or cut too much and the cutting is uneven.

If I can fix my facial hair issues then fixing the acne issues is much easier.

Heres my advice; if you find that you are producing excess oil after shaving and tend to break out then DON'T close shave. Try and find a way to to just trim your hair without removing it at skin level.

As for whether ACNE will stop when you get full facial hair: that depends on the individual. You will most likey not get much where your hairs are growing but still may get in areas where there is no hair.


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