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how its going

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well i started the regimen friday evening and all the spots i had are either gone or drying up although i think i used a little to much and around my chin area is red and a little itychy but the blemishes are dieing fast!!!! yeah!!!! i didnt use anthing after the bp,in the evening but i did in the morning as i want my face protecter and a seperate cream under eyes and neck. lets see how the week goes.

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To reduce the redness/itchiness either lower the amount of BP or increase the amount of moisturiser. I was slowly increasing the amount of BP I used and noticed an increase in dryness and irritation, but I had no issues with smaller amounts of BP. I soon realized that using more moisturiser cured that.

If you use a face friendly moisturiser then you shouldn't have to worry about breaking out with it, so I would use it at night just as well. Look in the regimen supplies list and search for moisturizer threads, there are plenty of them if you need any recomendations on what to use.

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thanks for your response im using dermalogica products the moisturiser is spf and oil free,i have another oil free without spf i can use at night,luckily its only in two places not all over,so i will put loads of moisturiser on tonight and leave those area's bp free for tonight and contine putting small amounts on everywhere else,i only seem to need a little anyway to be honest,i no it sounds silly as i have read everyone else's positive comments but i have it in my head that if i put moisturiser on it wont be as effective,i need to get that out my head ,i will use it at night to,after all i dont want wrinkly skin in my later years.x

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