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Beckham Girl

Ok, I am inspired. Heres my log. lol.

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A few logs here inspired me to start my own, so here we go. :D

I didn't develop acne until I was about 17, up to that point I always had amazing skin. I never broke out, seriously, not even a pimple. I guess it all caught up with me though, because when I was 17 it started to appear and had no mercy. I am 20 years old now, and am still struggling. I've tried tons of products, and each time I hoped I had found the miracle cure. Wrong.

Through trial and error I realized that BA and SA, which are found in pretty much every acne product I had tried, was actually doing more harm to my skin than good. I know that some folks here seem to really like it and say it works, but for me it was just too harsh.

So how do you treat acne without acne products? :( I was stumped, so I started doing research on vitamins and other natural remedies for acne. I came across tons of posts and websites about the vitamin B-5. So I decided to try it.

I started off with a B Complex, and noticed results right away. Slowly my breakouts were subsiding. I quickly jumped on the B-5 wagon and ordered mine online (I couldnt find it at my local drugstores.)

I started off with 5g (10 200mg pills) and started getting great results. Then one day I got lazy, and went on a mini vacation. The very next day I was breaking out again, and my acne was MAD.

I quickly got back on the B-5 and upped it to 10g (20 500mg pills)

I take them at the same time everyday, and always the same dosage of 2 grams (4 pills) every 3 hours.

9am: 2g





Before bed I also take a B complex, zinc, Vit A, Biotin, and a multivitamin. I've been doing this for 2 days so far, and my breakout from my earlier mini vacation is almost gone. My skin feels much smoother and I don't seem to have any new acne popping up on me.

As for a diet, I don't eat much junk anyway. I suffer from coe and emotional eating so I'm pretty strict about what I eat and allow around myself. I drink water, and I suppose I am lucky because I love it. I never cared for pop (or soda, if you're not from around here, lol) I will sometimes drink smoothies or juice, but very rarely.

I do not eat red meat, I was a vegetarian for about 4 years and just started eating chicken and turkey again. Dairy is fairly limited, I prefer soy milk over cow milk, for no particular reason, just personal preference in taste. I do however looove cheese...but it doesn't seem to have horrible side effects with my skin like I've read some people report, so I don't find it necessary to eliminate it from my diet. Fruits and veggies are essential, although they can be costly and sometimes hard to find so I eat what I can.

Excerise is fairly moderate. Walking/running, some strength training when I feel like it...and I try to do some situps and light exercise everyday.

Products include Clinique mild cleanser in bar form in the morning with Clinique moisturizer and I recently added Neutrogena Visibly Even cleanser to my night routine, and of course moisturizer again before bed.

Anyway, that's it. I hope I can keep logging good results here! :D

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Hello! I found your post to be very interesting as we have similar acne issues as well as almost identical eating habits. I am interested in trying Vit B since I have heard great things about it. Thanks for posting on this! I think I'll get some Vit B now and give it a try like you!

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Awesome! I am glad I can *hopefully* help. I think you'll see good results, keep me updated please :D *ps: I don't know if they carry them at the drugstores around you, but I ended up having to purchase mine online.

Day 3 Ok, well first of all I'm just happy to report that my skin seems to look clearer and overall healthier. I'll admit that I am after so much more though, and although my skin seemed to clear up about 75% so far, I'm after 100%. Hopefully I'll get there.

EH! and what to do about blackheads?! My nose is no where near as oily, but it's still covered in blackheads.

What products have you guys had success with?

Side effects: None really. I've noticed my skin is developing dryness around the chin, but it is to be expected when you're taking high doses of B5. I'm considering changing moisturizers, but I love how light Clinique is. I'm concerned if I switch it will cause me to breakout. So any ideas/tips would be helpful. :D After taking B-5 I don't have many other symptoms. Sometimes I will get nauseas, but it usually only lasts a few minutes, and usually only occurs during my night time dose for some reason.

Overall, I'm thrilled I found out about this B-5 treatment, it seems to be working very well for me and again, I hope I can continue to log good results, lol! :D

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Ok ok ok, I'll admit it. Right now, I am happy over my skin. Like actually, touch me and I might burst. My overall giddyness might have something to do with the red bull I'm drinking too, who knows?

Results seem to be doing awesome. I have 3-4 small bumps, but what an improvement. Yesterday I got my 'present' from mother nature, eh you girls know what I'm talking about, right? At this point my whole face would be breaking out, but nope, fairly under control for this time of the month. Awesome. I have to admit something though, every morning I wake up and am scared I'm going to look into the mirror and see my face breaking out again. Taking B-5 is the first thing that has worked for me in a very long time...but I keep telling myself, enjoy having healthy looking skin, just enjoy it and quit worrying! :D

Also, came across this: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Vitamin-B...ion-t15341.html

and the most common symptoms, so I thought I'd do a check list:

-Stomach irritation- very little to none. The only time my stomach seems to get upset is at night when I take my other vitamins or if I have an empty stomach.

-Mild or severe diarrhea: None *thank goodness, lol!*

-Frequent bathroom visits: Hard to say, I drink TONS of water so I've always had to use the bathroom more often than most, lol.

-Hairloss (rare): Not that I've noticed, I've been keeping an eye out because when I was doing research on B-5, I read about this. None so far. woo hoo.

-Increased appetite: No, perhaps a decreased appetite though, although that may be due to the hot, sticky weather.

-Chapped lips: Yes, not too bad though. I use Rosebud's lip balm, which is helping.

Overall, doing great so far. Let's hope I can keep logging these great results! :D

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Good to hear you're having good results :D keep it up, you'll get to the 100% clear !

And I hear you on the monthly "present" deal, might be a reason why I'm breaking out more often cause mine is almost coming.

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Good to hear you're having good results :D keep it up, you'll get to the 100% clear !

And I hear you on the monthly "present" deal, might be a reason why I'm breaking out more often cause mine is almost coming.

Yeah, not fun! Last month I broke out so bad, I remember we went out to eat and I was holding my face in my hands the entire time to try and cover my breakout :(

It was a really crappy week, and it took awhile for my face to recover from that breakout, let me tell you.

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Day 5

Pretty much the same as yesterday- still clearing up, but still not 100% clear. Jeeez, I am impatient, it's a flaw of mine.

I quit using Clinique's soap all together, I don't cleanse or moisturize in the morning. The only things I use now are Neutrogenas Visibly Even cleanser and Cliniques moisturizer at night. I just love the way my skin feels after using the cleanser, it's a deep clean and my skin looks radiant. I use to think that when my skin felt super tight after cleansing it meant it was working, wrong. Now I know better, and that I felt that way because the stuff was too harsh on my skin.

I've noticed I have red marks, are these marks leftover from acne? What are the best products out there for this? I came across something called Rapid Clear, Fight and Fade Gel by Neutrogena while browing through Lucky. Anyone know if this stuff works? It uses Glycolic Acid, which I've never tried before- any pros/cons?

Side effects: B5 is making my skin super dry, not my face, but I've noticed my legs, arms, etc are much drier. No dry patches on my face since I quit washing 2x/day, yay! Also, chapped lips are still hanging around, so I'm testing different products to see what works best for me. :D

Ok, I am sooo going to do some shopping tonight, I found the cutest sweater in Lucky by XOXO, anyone know which one I am talking about? :D

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Let me know how the "Rapid Clear, Fight and Fade Gel" works for post acne marks ! I have a ton of scars :doubt: , but make up usually does the trick, but not 100% coverage. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion usually helps take care of my dry skin on my legs whenever I go out and wear shorts or a skirt :clap: As for chapped lips, I like the Softlips spf20 chap stick ( active ingredients : Dimethicone 2%, Octinoxate 7.5%, Octinsalate 3%, Oxybenzone 3% ) Small , easy to fit in pocket, but then again us girls usually bring purses when we go out lol.

Keep it up !

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Just a little update.

I take over 20 pills a day. 20 B-5 and then I take a few other vitamins including vitamin A, Zinc, Biotin, B Complex, and a multivitamin. It is a bit exhausting, but when I look in the mirror and see the great results I am getting, taking so many pills is a piece of cake. I suppose we all have our moments.

I started using Cocoa Butter for my dry skin, as far as I can tell it's getting the job done. :D

Lips are feeling better too, I've been switching up lip balms instead of just using one, and it seems to be working well for me. I tried Burts Bees and it made my lips worse, what's that about?! I gave it to my Dad who works outside, so it didn't go to waste. :)

I am in desperate need of a haircut. Since my acne developed and got bad, I'm self conscience about getting my haircut. I mean, that big ol' mirror in front of you the entire time? :( But if my great results keep up, I'll be getting it cut.

Thanks SCaliGirl, for the support and advice. I loooove softlips, but haven't used it in awhile. Perhaps it's time to add it into the rotation! lol I'll definitely update on the Rapid Clear too. I want to give my regimen a bit longer before I add anything like that to it though.

I try not to wear a bunch of makeup. I got self conscience about it when I realized how cakey it looked around acne. Maybe I'll go for a tinted moisturizer or primer though :D

Still battling blackheads, I've read about the toothbrush method but I still want to do some research on it. If anyone out there is thinking about giving it a whirl, Walgreens has electric toothbrushes for $1...although I think once the brush is done, you have to toss it- I don't think they sell replacement heads for it, but I'm not 100% sure.

LOL, random note:it's a common thing to hate your drivers license/id because no one is ever happy with how it turned out- but doesn't skin just look flawless on those things!???

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What day is this?

It's been a week, or a week and a day?

Ok, either way, here's my update :D

No new breakouts, redness is still there and so are those dang blackheads. I don't think the B5 is going to "purge" them like I was hoping. I'm going to give it a week or so longer, but if they are still sticking around- it will be time to get down and dirty with my blemish extractor.

Updated side effects:

-Stomach irritation: very little to none

-Mild or severe diarrhea: none.

-Frequent bathroom visits: For about an hour after taking my dose I urinate alot.

-Hairloss (rare): very little to none.

-Increased appetite: None.

-Chapped lips: Some, but easily cured.

-Other: Dry skin in other places, like legs. Nothing severe.

Makeup: None, I haven't worn makeup for a week or two now.

Regimine: AM: Nothing, I'd like to try some gentle cleansing wipes soon. PM: Neutrogena Visibly Even cleanser & Clinique moisturizer.

Like I mentioned in my other post, I quit cleansing in the morning because it was drying out my skin. However, it's been a few days now and I feel "dirty" when I don't cleanse in the morning. So I've been thinking about trying a moisturizing cleanser or gentle wipes, any tips?

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I am annoyed right now. It's not like Im having a bad breakout or anything, but I looked in my 5x magnification mirror and gasped at what I saw. Redness all over my chin and sun damage on my forehead. Teeny tiny bumps from past breakouts that are still healing, and blackheads infesting in my nose and surrounding areas.

Then I look in my normal mirror, hey, my skin looks awesome. It's been a bit over a week since I started taking 10grams of B5 and Im still thrilled its working- Im also terrified it's going to stop working. My side effects are so minimal, my acne has cleared in an amazing way, and in a week or so? It's almost too good to be true. I feel like I got lucky, and I'm headed towards battling acne again. What's with me? I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to myself, my stuff, my room, my work, my schooling- I will drive myself nuts over something if I let myself get to the point of it controlling my life.

I guess I'm annoyed I don't have blemish free, perfect skin, and then I feel bad because there are so many people on this site who are still struggling so much more than I am or even was. I just wish I could feel secure in my skin.

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Thanks SCaliGirl, for the support and advice. I loooove softlips, but haven't used it in awhile.

I like it too :D . And I'm pretty happy with my driver's license picture, since you can barely see any acne :cool: .

Oh Beckham Girl, I don't own one of those x5 magnifying mirrors, I would be probably the same, so don't freak out :P you're sane.

I guess I'm annoyed I don't have blemish free, perfect skin, and then I feel bad because there are so many people on this site who are still struggling so much more than I am or even was. I just wish I could feel secure in my skin.

No one is absolutely perfect :liar: it's usually make-up ( that stuff rocks at covering scars ) , photoshop'd and edited if you're looking at pictures in a magazine or poster, people in real life ; I'm pretty sure you're not standing like an inch away from their face lol... Although if you're up close and personal with a guy... you're closing your eyes right ? :redface:

You'll get clear soon :D just wait a bit.

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You know what the problem is SCalieGirl? I'm not even breaking out and yet I keep picking at my face. Mostly at old blemishes or just sweeping my fingers across my blemish prone areas. I have got to stop!!

Day 10??

I read this huge article on how harsh cleansers are ruining our skin and one of the best cleansers to use is Cetaphil. I am considering adding that into my routine, for my morning cleanse. Anyone have good or bad experiences with Cetaphil products?

Also, does your acne or past acne marks appear redder right after washing your face? My face is pretty "matte" looking since starting the B5, but I noticed that after I wash it, it becomes shiny and the red marks are more noticeable. What's up with this?

Im going to keep fighting this redness, in hopes it goes away. Any ideas on how long it takes? :(

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STOP :naughty:

There you go :D lol

And harsh cleansers are probably doing it since spots on the skin that is acne prone is usually sensitive and you'd have to be gentle because its in it's healing process. ( I'm not sure, makes sense to me.)

Cetaphil... Don't remember much about it, nothing really fantastic, it doesn't come in a pump ( well the small version I got ) . It's a gentle cleanser though, no harm in trying it out. I do really like the 'Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash' bottle could of be made bigger though, keep it out of the shower, it has a pump, removes make-up great ! Check out the reviews for both products thought :dance: they're both equally good.

Yes my acne and post-acne marks to seem more red after washing, I'm guessing that's because I use warm~hot water to open pores before I apply BP. It's normal :P don't panic. No idea how long redness takes, but I do remember ACV ( Apple Cider Vinegar ) helps reduce it. I don't use it anymore since I'm sticking to my simple regimen ( one I can go in and out of the bathroom and not bring tons of bottle with me if I go traveling ) .

But hey :D no breakouts is awesome ! Just stop picking and touching old spots :P .

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I didn't forget about you guys, honestly. Just been busy with school starting up again soon.

Nothing much to update about, I had a tiny breakout on my forehead and chin, but I didn't go balistic over it. Probably due to stress, heat, etc. Also haven't been able to stick to my schedule for my B5 because things are so hectic, so that's partly to blame. When I take the B5 religiously (5x a day at the same times) my skin is wonderful looking. Miss or interrupt a dose and my skin goes a bit nutty. It's kind of like a mental patient missing a dose of their meds (okay not funny?)

Anyway, I tried out Cetaphil. (SCALI, they sell a pump version, but it's large and about $10.) I purchased the small flip version because I'm on trial with the stuff, so far I like it. Super gentle and it makes my skin feel baby soft. Also great at getting rid of makeup and oil. Yep, that's right- I wore makeup for the first time in a looooong time a few days ago. Honestly, my skin looks better without it, how awesome is that? I like getting dolled up, but the "after" effect of makeup on me looks horrid. I use Cetaphil in the mornings now, no need for moisturizer since it seems my skin doesn't need it 2x a day. At night I'm still using the visibly even, I loooove the stuff- I seriously can't say enough good things about it.

Picking habit, ehh, I'm getting better...sorta. I just have to remind and slap myself every time I do it. Even then I get defensive and tell myself too bad, my fingers, my face! LOL, why do we argue with ourselves?

I've noticed my acne marks are fading, horray! They're healing fairly quickly in my opinion (Im not complaining though!) Just surprising, it might be due to the vitamins I'm taking- not sure.

No horrible side effects from the B5, if anyone is wondering or thinking about testing it out. The only problem I have with B5 is remembering to take it.

Alright, I think that's it? :wub:

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I haven't updated in quite awhile, mostly because there's not much to report... (& okay, I've been lazy.) I am still taking 10g of B-5/day, and I'm still doing quite well on it. In the morning since school started back up, I've been using equate cleansing towelettes. They're so easy to use because it requires no water and they only cost around $2.00! Plus, you can carry them with you at all times. In the evening I am using the visibly even, my skin feels refreshed every single time I use and that's surprising since most products lose that after awhile.

My skin has been behaving really well, I had a mini breakout when I'm monthly visitor came along, but that's normal. And how unfair is it that women have to struggle with that once a month? Men, you have no room to complain- lol!

As far as side effects go, I'm really lucky and don't experience anything too negative. I can't wait until my 3 months of this treatment is up though, because not having to worry about taking the pills every x amount of hours so many times a day is going to rock. I have to carry a bottle of the B-5 in my purse, and it gets to be a tad obnoxious.

Well, I hope everyone else is having good success! Oh, and I just wanted to add that my pores are absolutely tiny and that makes me unbelievable happy, plus my blackheads have shrunk down to almost nothing! Woo hoo! :wub:

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