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Face red after a resturant meal?

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Hey everyone..

I just found recently that I could control my breakouts with fresh carrot, celery, and cucumber juice that i make in my own juicer.

however i was hoping to get your opinion on a few things.

1) i just went to a resturant tonight.. (im trying to not go ever, but sometimes my friends sucker me in) knowing that i should not eat pork, fried things etc.. i had the beef liver and onions and french fries.

i knew i blew my diet right there.. because i was trying to avoid beef/pork.. but i didnt expect the reaction.. tonight i looked in the mirror, and all my acne is inflaimed red.. even the surrounding skin is beet red. the beef was so tasty, i am guessing they loaded it with salt, what ever it was, my acne sure didnt like that one bit. anyone have experience with this issue when eating at a resturant?

2) I have been thinking about a theory. i had 2 colonics sessions recently, where the premise is that they remove the toxic waste from the body.. i was noticably lighter after doing this.

when i eat breads, too much red meats (beef, pork), i dont use the washroom for a few days (sorry to be so blunt) and i wonder if some of us acne suffers just cant process certain foods (like we are missing some enzimes or something), which chain reacts because the body now cant clear it out or process what we just ate.. so then it excretes in the skin in the form of major sebum production?

do others have this same issue? and were you able to still keep eating anything you wanted every so often and not break out, or do you have to be strict for life.

There was something else, but i forgot..

your opinions are greatly welcome, even if it doesnt answer the entire topic :)

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why u avoid pork O_O

pork is much better than beef in my opinion

and animal liver is always the bad thing...cause it cleanse their body's toxic in liver..who knows if there's some left

and the diet has to be restricted

but later on u'll realize what to eat and what not...so it'll be ok!

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Hi Kannie, thanks for replying..

i dont eat pork, because i had seen quite a few videos on youtube about pork and parasites, plus my naturopath told me not to..

I guess it would make sense not to eat liver (since it is a toxic clearing house) but i completely didnt think of that yesterday.

its weird to see my face just go beet red , even in the clear part.

i now know what not to eat :cool:

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