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Im new, help me out please

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I currently have 3-5 whiteheads and red broken out area on and around my chin.. I dont want to put any thing on them to dry them out ? i have Bp gel and Cetaphil moisturizer. ATM i only apply the Bp at night after i wash my face with JUST water... I then dont apply any moisturizer cause i feal it irritates my skin and hurts when i put it over pimples like the ones all on my chin which are inflamed and really hurt. Its like i have heaps of volcanoes on my chin... My nose is red, and i can see all these little lumps on it.. I get pimples between my eyebrows to.. Im not sure how to get rid of these, i found the cetaphil cleanser just dried out my skin totally. I also found in the morning after a shower my chin would peel and skin would come off. Is this because i arnt moisturizing at night after using Bp. So please help me, how can i get rid of all these huge white heads and red inflamed area on my chin.

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Well you are gonna need to get past your suspicion of products. Acne is caused by bacteria, excess sebum and abnormal keritinization. Using bp is only addressing the bacterial aspect and once a day probably isn't enough to supress the bacteria.

Cleansing: Oil and water do not mix therefore, water cannot cut thru sebum and oil soluble dirts on your face. Water on its lonesome is also quite drying. Are you talking about the cetaphil liquid or soap? I'm guessing you have very sensitive skin in which case do not use bar products you need a light non fragranced ph balanced water based cleanser with no active ingredients. Make sure you only wash your face for 10 seconds or so and don't rub or scrub.

BP: What strength of bp are you using?...It should be 2.5 because it is as effective as 5 or 10 but a lot less irritating. The peeling you are talking about is part of the effect of the bp.

Moiturising: A good moisturiser is actually really helpful as it replaces sebum with humectants (water binding ingredients) which actully seems to help slow the amount of sebum your skin produces. It also provides your skin with an acid ph which helps stave off p.acnes to some extent. It is frustrating if cetaphil moituriser hasn't worked out but I think you should consider revising your cleansing and bp routine as suggested and reapplying the moituriser to seee how it goes. If it still doesn't work find a decent alternative....aloe vera gel, jojoba oil etc etc.

Also get some advice from a derm too!

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lol, my cetaphil moisterizer SMELLS :>

How do i apply it on my TOTALLY inflamed chin, wont it just irritate it ?

:<, how important is cleansing, before applying BP and Moisterizer. The reason i dont apply Bp in morning is because appertly UV rays does it bad, and concidering i go to school and outside, i will be prone to Uv rays.

What do you think ?

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If you are afraid that UVs might exacerbate your acne (which I'm sure it will), just put on the BP as said and put on a moisturizer with SPF 15 afterwards. Make sure you use 2.5% BP because more than that can be overdrying. The feeling of burning when you put the moisturizer is either due to a bad combination of skin/moisturizer, or the moisturizer acting to re-hydrate your skin. Whatever it is, like frances said, you're going to have to get over your suspicion on products and have some faith. Placebo effect can work too tongue.gif

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