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Red scars on upper arms, chest, and back

Need some help in regards to some red scaring I have on my upper arms, chest, and back. For the past year had some bad problems with compulsive acne picking. With the help of therepy and a derm the acne has pretty much cleared up however been left with lots of red scars.

Right now on an antibiotic(Minocycline 50mg 2x a day) for a couple months, using Cetaphil without water to wash face, Clindamycin Phosphate lotion, Tretinoin Cream .1% (Retin- A) at bedtime, and then Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion for my face.

However for the rest of my body using Neutrogena soap in the shower and then applying Lac-Hydrin Five Lotion.

The scars on my face have thankfully lightened a lot and seem to go away in a couple months. However, what I'm really concerned with now are the dark red scars on my upper arms, chest, and back which don't seem to be changing at all. There is no new acne but no improvement in the scars either. It is really quite ugly and I need to get rid of most of what I can because I'm in a wedding at the end of June wearing a strapless dress - eeks. Also I want to where tank tops and short sleeves.

I read the Faq and some posts and was wondering what I should do in regards to the scars on those parts of my body. Would using the retin-A cream on my upper arms, chest, and back help at all? That seems to be the biggest difference from what I use on my face and not the rest of my body. Is the skin different? Please let me know what has worked for you on these areas?



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Yes, it would help to use retin-a cream on all body parts.

You could also try and apply lactic and glycolic peels to them.

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