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Been having some problems within the last few months when it comes to finding a moisturiser which doesn't make me sweat when im out in the sun or in a nightclub.

I find myself sweating alot on my face and not at all on the rest of my body. I've tried going out without moisturiser on my face and everything was fine, so im putting it down to that.

Im going away to Cyprus on Wednesday and i know it will get alot worse out there :(

Wondering if anyone could recommend a product to me which decrease the amount of sweat from my face.


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I think the sweat is a symptom of your acne.

The acne process causes the skin to produce extra oil, probably to protect itself.

You could try face cream with tea tree oil in it; that might kill the bugs and reduce the oil production.

Make very sure you're not deficient in vitamin A. I find my skin is oilier if I'm not getting enough.

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I have had the same problem over the years (with face moisturizer and body lotions) and am trying to narrow down the ingredient that causes this. I think that if you use a moisturizer that is labeled as noncomedogenic, you shouldn't have a problem. The label "non-greasy" isn't enough. "Oil free" is a good start. I have never had any problems with the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer (SPF 15) or the Olay Complete (SPF 15). Moisturizers with higher SPF numbers just sweat off my face; although they have been labeled "non-greasy," they are not "noncomedogenic."

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