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3rd round on Accutane...My Log

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Hello everyone, as you may see this is my third round on accutane. You should check out my picture gallery, my acne really cleared while on accutane. The last time I was on Tane was about a over a year ago. After that treatment, I was put on retin a and my skin did not react too well with it. The reason why I am back on it again is that my skin is breaking out again too the point where i would get a pimple everyday. I was on bactrim for about 3 months and that treatment helped somewhat but not to the point where I was able to control my acne. Anyway, I was able to convince my derm to put me on accutane as a maintenance treatment. He decided to put me on tane 40mg for a month and after that he;ll put me on 20 mg once a day 5 times a week. I was hoping that this will help with thr oily skin. I met this dude on here as well and hes on tane for a maintenace treatment because thats the only thing that has every worked. As for me, tane is the only med that gave me my life back helped me be more confident and less worried about how my skin looked.


Aug. 3 2008: Day 5

Things look much better already. Noticed that my skin reacted to the tane really fast. No new pimples, just healing the existing ones and controlling the oil in the T-zone area. As far as the products, not sure what ill be using. Im pretty picky. Cetaphil is a bit to oily and greasy for my skin. Anyway things are well with my skin for the most part. I;ll keep this log updated until I'm done with my treatment.


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Aug. 04, 2008 Day 6: My skin actually is looking much better. Less oily. I definitely noticed the drying of the lips. I have been using carmex and tonight i put some vaseline on. I also started using Proactiv's Refining Mask the past two days and I like it. Helps with the redness on the skin. Anyway Im going to start using the mask once-twice a week. I also havent been eating as healthy as i should. I have been taking advantage of eating junk food that I avoided before accutane. I had a snicker ice cream bar today and i felt very guilty. But for now on Ill watch my diet and what I eat during the treatment.

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Aug. 6, 2008

Day 8

Alright I finally purchased a moistuzer and hopefully my skin will tolerate it to the point where I dont break out. I bought the olay complete moisturizer with spf15 for combination/oily. Even though I am on accutane my skin still seems to be oily and my palms and feet are sweating more ofter. I guess that's just one of the side effects I get when I'm on tane. As far as my skin goes, everything looks ok. I got a white head on my lower left jawline where I shave and I think that had to do with my shaving yesterday. I am so paranoid at white heads so what did i do? well, I popped it but it wasn't even that bad. It was very minor. My skin is looking better. Lips are still dry and chapped. A little joint pain in the back and arms but other than that things are going well. BTW when I put on the olay moisturizer it felt and looked really nice on my skin. Hopefully I am not sensitive with the product. The moisturizer I usually use is not in the market anymore so that was a bit of a disappointment. I have taken my photos for week one and will post those asap. Hopefully, things will turn out well this month.

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Aug. 10, 2008

Day 12

My skin is doing much better. No major breakouts. I dont think I had an initial breakout. Of all the three times I've been on accutane, I dont recall having an IB. Usually my skin just heals fron the start. No active acne. I did notice that my skin is more dry and flakey. Not as oily as last week. I started using olay oily/combination and it seems to work perfect on my skin. It doesnt make my skin oily. I use nivea sensitive after shave balm everyday in the area where I have facial hair. I didnt want to use olay in that area bc im afraid that I might breakout because I am sensitive in those area and the olay has spf.

As far as the side effects: Less oily on the skin. Lips are currently dry. Been using carmex and vaseline. Eyes are actually doing much better. Been using refresh with no preservtives and currently on restasis. Things have been good thus far and hope it continues. I hope by the end of this treatment my acne doesnt come back. I also tried makeup today and it went on well but I did notice that my skin is not as oily as before after 3-4 hours. I notice that my skin started to flake rather than oily. But anyway, next month i will be in a lower dosage and hopefully it will continue to keep me clear. ACCUTANE WORKS WONDERS!

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Aug. 13 2008

Day 15: 40 mg

Alright, The past two days I had over 5 nosebleeds. I had two during the middle of the night, twice early morning and once when I was in the bathroom washing my face. I think accutane is taking control. I even noticed that my skin is less oily. Its like a drought going on. A lot of flakes today as well. I had sensitive areas in the edges of my nose. It felt like a burning sensation because most of the skin are flaking off. My skin is doing well, no major acne breakouts. My acne is healing each day.

In the last three days I had posted up a topic that I was really concerned about. A bruise like discoloration on my arm. It looked like a bruise but its painless and people on here said it was normal. I had my blood taken last week and everthing is normal. Its just that after several days I noticed a discolortion on my arm near the area where I was injected. Its not painful at all just the color looks odd. I was told that its normal and that it should fade anytime soon. Hopefully it does because it looks like a big birthmark.

Anyway, I am hoping next month to be only on 20mg 5 times a week because 40mg is really making me dry like crazy. Tonight I used palmers cocoa butter to help with the flakiness and irritation. I like using it because it gives my skin a lot of hydration. Until then, I will keep u updated soon later in the week. Thanks!

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