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should i consider accutane?

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i have both inflammatory acne and non-inflammatory acne, i also have one little milia just on the inside upper edge of my eye socket.

i've had acne for 5 years and counting (ever since i was in the 7th grade).

i have oily skin/hair but it's rough on my nose and chin (rough= it peels a lot).

i used to only have acne in my Tzone, now it's forming on my cheeks, around my mouth, and jawline, i also have it on my chest, back, and shoulders.

treatments i've tried:

1. proactiv (used for a year) or anything OTC (over the counter)

2. duac topical gel (my skin is sensitive to this stuff. used for a month)

3. 50mg x2 a day- minocycline (worked for my back, shoulders, and chest acne.. did nothing for my face i used this for a year)

4. 500mg (i think) x1 a day- bactrim (i am HIGHLY allergic. i used this for 2 weeks)

5. 500mg x1 a day- ampicillin (currently using. started using: late may)

i'm a 16 yr old female and am concerned i may have imbalanced hormones OR i have polycystic ovarian syndrome which may be a major contributor to some acne (if i do have one of these problems. yes, i'm getting checked out by a gyno soon)...

i honestly don't know what to do i'm so self conscious of my face and i get so sad at times because i feel ugly.

i wish i didn't have to wear make up. :(

what other medication should i consider? should i talk to my derm. about accutane?

please give comments, it's highly appreciated, thanks. :(

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