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I don't wash my face for three days (nothing -- not even water), and after finally washing my face it appears drastically less red then it ordinarily would while daily cleansing. Wouldn't this be more an indication of irritation than anything else? Also, the redness is around my entire face ends at my jawline -- which also seems to suggest problems with cleansers.

And in case you saying "well, just don't wash as much" the catch fricken 22 here is if I don't wash dead skin cells build up and I look like crap. Meanwhile, SA and BP seem to irritate and I'm afraid to use AHA.

Sometimes I'd just love to be able to isolate myself somewhere for a month. Anyone have any feasible solutions?

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Hey man,

I have a similar problem like yours. My facial redness is all over the face. For some reason, it wasn't red 2 years ago, so I don't know what happened. But like you, I don't know if it's Rosacea or just my skin telling me it's irritated. It's so frustrating!

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I thought I had skin irritation until I started flushing. The difficult part is that it's hard to tell you have Rosacea until it starts developing. Have you tried acne treatments that don't irritate, like antibiotics? If you prefer topicals, maybe you could space them out every other day or so to avoid irritation. For me, I had redness for about three months before the flushing started, and that's when I knew it was Rosacea and not irritation. If you've gone a while without your symptoms worsening past redness, then it's most likely contact irritation.

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