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acne is so damn confusing

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I'd been doing botchla's clean and clear thing twice a day for months and all i had left to deal with were breakouts on my forehead. The rest of my face completely cleared up. So I tried a few things to get rid of the remaining acne but then I started partying more and staying up so late that I was too exhausted to wash at night. Each morning I'd wake up and be ready to see some breakouts on my face, but really nothing too major just the normal few I've been trying to get rid of. So it seems like I've calmed my skin down to the point where just one shower keeps me this way. I'm still gonna try to get some tazorac gel for the forehead, and I'm gonna make sure to wash twice cause my face was a little clearer when I did that and I think it's worth it. But I guess my point was that once again and can find no pattern to this damn skin problem. One of my worst areas were right behind the curve of my jaw bone on both sides and after months of persistant bad breakouts that area hasn't had a spot in 6 months, I never really even wash there.

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Mine has migrated many times over the years. it started on my chin, nose, forehead, sometimes mainly chin, then nose. i used to have clear ckeeks and jaw, but now that is my biggest problem area, and i rarely get many spots on my forehead, and never on my nose any more.

weird........ biggrin.gif

i would be interested in an explanation for this little dance its played out on my face, because the result is that my scars are spaced out all over now. sad.gif

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