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bp absorption

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Ok well I don't use the regimen like I should. I only apply the BP at night, and only 1 pump of it. Its been about 2 months. My skin has never been clearer, even though I still have breakouts (At the moment I have like 2-3 active ones) But I used to be covered. The reason I dont use the BP as much as I should is because I know it will make me too red/dry. Even now. My face (especially my left cheek) is flushed looking all the time. Also, I dont use more BP than a pump because it DOES NOT ABSORB! I rub it around my face gently for a long time, but I can still tel its there, even after waiting like an hour after applying it, I cant apply moisterizer because It will basically jsut stay on top of my skin and be very nasty/oily Because its on top of the BP that is not completely absorbing into my skin. SO because of all this, I have to only use one pump at night, no moisterizer at night, then in the morning, I wash face (btw when I wash I can feel all the BP coming off, its like its just sitting on top of my skin) THEN I apply moisterizer (and then the moisterizer does absorb, cause theres no bp, but it still makes me look oily :c) This worked for the 2 months ive been on it, but recently ive been breaking out a little more, and now the moisterizer isnt getting rid of the flakes, I put it on, and I can still see flakes after its dried up. Im in a jam. Does anyone else have a similar problem?

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That sounds pretty similar to what I'm doing. I've been on The Regimen for sixty three days, and I only apply BP at night, using one finger full (I use Neutrogena On The Spot).

My face hasn't been too dry or irritated though, even though, like you, I still get a zit or two every now and then. I was using a finger an a half's worth, but my skin was really dry then, so I cut back. I don't really moisturize though, so I don't know what to tell you about that...

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ugh, I wish I didnt have to moisterize, that would be great. But unfortunatly, my skin just gets dryer and dryer, ill just get some emu oil and see if that helps :\

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Have you tried dans AHA+ ? This would actually help with your flaky skin and also fight acne.

Btw are you even using a cleanser before applying the BP?

You need to first wash your face with warm water then dry it, then apply some cleanser very gently for 10 seconds, then wash it off and dry it. Then wait about 5 minutes for your skin to try. Now apply some BP very gently. (should take between 5-8 minutes) Now wait about 10-15 minutes and your skin should be ready for the moisturiser. I can't understand why yours is not.

Watch Dans videos and read the step by step guide would be my advice to you!

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I do it exactly like that. Of course I use cleanser lol. I have not tried the AHA+ but I might check that out. I am very gentle with my cleansing, I pat dry, wait for it to dry before applying BP, everything. But the BP just doesnt absorb. It dries but it doesnt absorb. This is only using a pump too.

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