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rosacea on left cheek?

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First of all, I should probably note that my dad has rosacea. But Im only 16, and I didnt think teens got rosacea? But my left cheek is always imflamed(sometimes worse than others) This is also the side where my acne is at its worse (by far, in fact, sometimes my right cheek has NO active ones, although there are plenty of scars) But my left cheek has had it bad every since I first got acne. Also, its not the whole cheek thats inflamed, but a section of it. Theres a definite cut off point where my skin is normal, and then red, its where my beard stops growing that my cheek is red. It looks very bad, like I have blush on it, but redder, like Ive had alot of alcohol. Also, I dont get acne much at all except where that redness is. Now, I dont know if its red because theres acne there, or if theres acne there because its rosacea. I used to think it was caused by BP but that doesnt make sense, because of the cut off point where it looks normal, I apply BP all over my left cheek, specifically for the purpose of trying to even out the tone, but theres no change. Im very concerned, it looks horrible. Anyways, this turned into a long paragraph of nothing but, does this sound like rosacea, or just bad acne on one side of my face? Hopefully I can get some emu oil, and maybe that will calm it down?

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I have this same problem, except it's on the right cheek. As you said, where the beard stops growing. Not absolutely horrible looking, but red. Strange that it's only on one side. Mine started about 4 months ago. I'm hoping to get it checked out soon, if I can get to a dermatologist (cost issues).

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