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I know this is an odd question...

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I'm going to visit my girlfriend for the first time in a while, and I have been able to improve my skin and acne quite a bit through Dan's regimen and Delna's regimen (see

While I will probably break out as I will be traveling to a new climate, I'm going to bring the BP with me and continue to use it twice a day.

I have one question, and I know this may sound a bit silly...

I imagine there will be quite a bit of kissing going on. While BP certainly isn't good to ingest, once it dries on the skin, is there any problem with kissing or putting your mouth or tongue on the skin? Is there anything I should be careful of or be concerned about? I just want to make sure.

Thank you =)

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I dont think it will cause medical problems but if there is kissing and your skin rubs on her shirt or sheets or pillow, especially if you get sweaty, those things will get bleached. Thats the main thing i would be worried about.

Also BP reacts with the skin and I think over half of it is used up after 20 min so I wouldn't worry about sickness unless she is somehow allergic.

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well if she starts to lick your face right after you apply the BP i'd be worried! lol

No, but seriously I wouldn't worry about that. just wait at least a half an hour after applying before you "make out". lol thats all I can think of.

Just enjoy your holiday with you gf and don't worry about it, i'm sure she won't get poisoned! :)

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