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Just came back from the derm, they put me on this...

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Hey guys this is my first post on acne.org, I decided to join the community because I'm been having a problem with my acne recently. I'm a 19 year old male that had occasional breakouts but now I find its getting worse. I tried over the counter cleansers and all that for years but ugh, couldn't take it. I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed the following, I'm clueless about whether this looks like it'll work/doomed to fail/etc.


1 minocycline capsule

duac topical gel (also came with SFC Lotion in a kit, I'm guessing I apply the lotion first? although my dermatologist didn't even mention it)


1 minocycline capsule


I told my friend who had acne problems and she basically said "stay out of the sun. sun = the enemy" cause apparently im gonna have no protection


sounds like fun...

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Hi and welcome! :)

We're glad you're here.

The regimen your dermatologist prescribed is common and can work. The combination of Duac (benzoyl peroxide) and Differin (retinoid) can quickly kick acne in the butt. I'm not sure what the SFC lotion kit is though. You might put in a quick call back to your Derm's office for specific instructions on how to use it and when.

As for the sun, you will probably want to use a sunscreen each day. Look for products that are oil-free and non-comedogenic and made especially for the face.

Good luck!

edited to add: Here's some info. I found on SFC lotion.....

SFC Lotion, a gentle soap-free cleanser that is fragrance-free and has a neutral pH.

So, basically it's your facial cleanser. You will use it to wash your face with, then apply your medications as your derm prescribed.

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that sounds like a similar regimen to mine a few years back. anti-biotic plus a few topicals. good luck with it. in regard to the sun issue,if you do frequently go out in the sun, i recommend Nuetrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunscreen. its non-comedogenic,oil-free, basically everything free lol. i used it recently on holidays and it was great,very light on the skin,when you rub it in,it feels as if you havent even got suncream on.

however,i was on differin two summers ago,i went out into the sun for quite an extended lenght of time one day and a few days later my skin went bananas,big hard red lumps all over my skin. im not saying it was the differin for sure,but to me it seemed too coincidental.

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thanks for the replies! as for the sfc lotion i know im supposed to use it before applying the duac but should i also use it before the differin at night? i'm only asking because the lotion was in a kit with the duac and not the differin, wondering if its safe to use with that. i suppose i can just contact my dermatologist and ask though..

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