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Gary Baldy

Massive papule on my forehead

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Hi. Recently I've been getting a lot of fairly large spots on my forehead, mostly along the hairline (I have very short hair, not quite a skinhead, though). I've been treating them with Duac Once Daily Gel, and I thought I had them beaten, but through the course of today a humungous spot has arrived.

It's basically a pinky red slight bump about 1.5 centimetres across, with a much smaller papule attached to it. Rather than make it much redder, instead of the Duac I've rubbed in a fair amount of standard antiseptic cream as soon as I got in from work (about an hour ago). It's just below my hairline at the front of my forehead.

I actually got in a flap and tried to make a doctor's appointment for tomorrow, but there are none available, so........ Any idea how to get rid of this bloody thing, lol? Any quick fix for it? I suspect not, but I might as well ask here. I look awful, lol.

I suspect that shampoo/facial wash might be the underlying cause of these spots, but I have to wash! I'm almost becoming paranoid about it now. I've been using a facial wash that seemed to be good, and Head and Shoulders shampoo for greasy hair. I know if I don't wash regularly I'll get spots anyway. That Duac stuff is supposed to be the best available for preventing/killing them, but if I use it regularly on my forehead, it'll end up a mess.

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