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Breaking Out on my Chin

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Geez man,

So my skin was clearing up during the start of the summer break back in June.

I was starting to get my self esteem back, and starting to have some fun, not caring much about my acne anymore.

But then around late June my acne progressively started getting worse and worse.

Right now, my forehead is pretty much clear.

And I have very mild/moderate acne with fading red marks, and scarring.

Stuff that Dans Regimen can clear up.

But my chin looks horrendous!

I looked in the mirror today and my chin looked like a war zone, or something of that nature.

For the past couple weeks my chins been breaking out like crazy.

Right now I have a cyst I drained out yesterday, and a couple of those underneath the skin ones at the ends of my chin.

What can be some of the causes for breaking out on my chin?

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I was on Dans Regimen for about 3 months when I stopped using it after school ended, due to my clearing up, and running low on supply.

So stupid me just decided to switch to using an old bar of Cetaphil's Gentle Cleanser I had in my bathroom.

And Stridex Salicylic Acid wipes.

I know I should have kept at the Regimen for a couple months longer and gradually come off it.

I do think it's my shaving technique since I normally breakout around my jawline and chin area.

But I dont understand why if I've shaved the same way for the past 6 or so months.

I think my new order of Dans Regimen should come in any second now.

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its definently not the sun... ppl are freakin out about the sun a bit to much. The sun will definently take ur acne out it just wont help redmarks. So it depends on wut u have more on. If i have lots of acne n scabs i go in the sun and tan. If i have more redmarks i just dont worry about the sun but i dont tan. SUN EFFECTS PPL DIFFERENTLY. For me it does way way way good.

but anyways i go through a cycle too of gettin it on my chin its probably hormonal. But if ur getting cysts take some ibuprofen for sure. Diet triggers cysts mostly. Try staying gluten free even tho thats hard it clears up my cysts.

Chins heal up faster then cheeks tho so theres an upside.

umm i would definently say shaving has do to with it. Wen the hair grows back after shaving it can trigger a breakout and the shaving jus irritates skin.

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ya but no offense. There are tons and tons of ppl that seroiusly sit inside and play video games all the time cuz of acne. and dont heal up becuz there just inside. Im with u tho that the sun effects some badly but for me its the opposite. Its all personal. Acne can only be cured if u find the root cause for YOU. Diet will help. Wont cure unless u maintain if Forever(almost not possible). Topical Treatmetns will MABYE help but wont cure anything just help it heal. Then ur body will want it and u will prolly breakout again. Masks will help reduce size and color but really thats not healing the acne. Antibiotics..........give me a break. Damaging ur liver wont help ur face at all. They may have quick and easy results but wont cure anything.

Im pretty sure the sun cant be the main cause for everyone. Not even 20% of the ppl sorry (imo). Becuz ppl that are beach junkies and tan every day. U will never notice any acne on them They usually are flawless to be honest. Sure wen there older they will rinkle and shit but w.e. It seems that it is more a Midwest/ Eastern disease where there is lesss sun then other places and higher in dairy.

It just seems ironic that wen anyone goes on vacation to like Cancun Mexico, the Bahamas, Florida, Caribbean. Anywehre tropical and sunny they clear up. I sure did. It may have been from reducing stress completely, the salt water, or the SUN.

its all personal but im glad u found ur root of evil.

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Leaving the sun out if it, you may want to consider using a razor with fewer blades. The razors with more blades get closer to the skin and cause more irritation. I'm female and cannot use Venus razors because my legs explode into red bumps- it's just a nightmare. I switched razors and haven't had those breakouts since. I also found that certain shaving creams/gels also worsen the problem of the leg breakouts.

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first off this isnt UR thread. Qui or w.e ur name is.

But so ur saying to sit inside the dark for months and months? I wonder y there was no acne back in the day, o ya there was no sun back then ???WRONG. Im not trying to get all over u but theres no way that Sun is the root cause of most ppls acne. And that sitting in pitch black for 3 months is going to clear ur skin up forever

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For many, acne is a lifelong affliction. Staying out of the sun is not a realistic approach because most people have lives they have to attend to that include working, going to school, and running other errands that require walking, driving, or taking public transport to a destination. Second, people get depressed in the winter because they need exposure to natural sunlight in small increments.

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