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A few accutane ?'s

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One I am using Cetaphil moisturizer and it's making my face look really greasy and shiny. Is there something out there that doesn't make your face look greasy and shiny?

Also I know redness is a symptom but is there anything that can help with the redness. My whole face is red and I'd like to know if there is something you can take or use to help?

What are you using for your hair. I am using head and shoulders for a shampoo. I use the Infusium 23 and a moisturing gel and I still have a flakey scalp.

These are all I can remember for now.

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im pratically done accutane.... couple weeks left.

i have found these products to be AMAZING during my whole treatment.

I originally used CETAPHIL for a week and found it extremely greasy and thick. I didnt like the feeling so i switched to St. Ives Aloe Vera lotion. which helped the redmarks NOT the overall redness. The overall redness your just gonna have to deal with. Accutane rushes blood to the surface of the skin, so its hard to deal with.

I dont think shampoo is a big factor with acne. But just incase, try not to coat ur forehead, and the back of ur neck with too much. Also DO NOT USE GEL if you have acne prone skin. My derm told me that Gel is a frequent reason why people get forehead acne. Its thick, oily and greasy. It will come in contact with ur forehead whenever u sweat. Use a hairspray if anything is what she said..

hope that helped.

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I am not having problems with the Cetphil leaving me feeling oily. I like the fact that it leaves my skin so shiny - but not greasy/oily. I think it looks very healthy.

I am using Head & Shoulders shampoo. I also use Pantene Conditioner. I leave it on for 2 minutes each day in the shower. Normally I could not let the conditioner touch my scalp - now b/c it is so dry, I let it touch my scalp. I am not longer experiencing any visible dandruff flakes and my head doesn't itch near as much. I use alberto V05 to further condition my hair, after I get out of the shower. The Infusium 23 will not help with the dandruff since it is a "light" leave in conditioner more geared for managing frizzies.

On to the redness. Fortunatelyt, I am not experiencing much of the redness. I think b/c of my olive toned skin. In fact, I look like I have a slight suntan. However, I do use Bare Minerals foundation to even my skin tone. It helps to mask the red marks and circles under my eyes. www.bareminerals.com I started using it at my Derms suggestion and I am not experiencing any breakouts. I love this stuff b/c it really doesn't look like I have makeup on.

Good luck! Oh, how long have you been on Accutane? Maybe I just haven't got to the "red" stage yet. I've been on it for 7 1/2 weeks

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Thanks Guys. I will start using a conditioner too. I don't think I have visable dandruff or flakes but it bothers me that I might have. Plus I will leave my shampoo on longer. I just didn't want my scalp to dry out any more.

I think I'll change moistureizers too. I just don't like the greasy looking face. it also makes the redness stand out more too.

I have been on for a month now. I have a major cyst under my chin that just came alive and hurts like hell. a few more on the sides of my face but all in all I don't have 50 new ones and that makes me feel better.

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the cetaphil works fine for me. just make sure you rub it in enough and don't put a pound of it on your face at once..


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