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question about collagen

I have purchase many expensive creams that are suppose to build collagen in the skin and help scarring.... however if I do a strong peel like TCA cross or complex for that matter is that going deep enough to actually deplete all the collagen I've built along with the skin? I have had scabbing from some procedures, and while I know it is necessary to get rid of the scar tissue I feel like I may be burning away the collagen as well. Kind of confusing :-k

I mean we don't lay out in the sun because sunburns deplete collagen, yet we burn ourselves with various acids. Maybe applying expensive topicals to improve the quality of the skin before another good burning peel doesn't help?

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I could write for a very long time on the subjects you have brought up, and I am not a scientist but I will attempt to sum up and be brief:

Generally speaking, most creams that are available aren't going to build collagen in thes skin. The only two topicals I know that may are: Vitamin C and Copper Peptides.

TCA CROSS is NOT a peel. TCA Complex is a peel.

If you do TCA CROSS you MUST read the article about it before doing it, otherwise you could cause further scarring. The fact that you do not know the difference between the two (CROSS & Complex) concerns me greatly.

Please do more research before treating yourself with any invasive procedure.

Most peels are just exfoliating dead, surface skin. Anything that penetrates the dermis should be performed by a Dermatologist or Aesthetician.

Procedures that go deeper than peels stimulate collagen growth in the skin in part of the wound healing response.

Again, please research in depth before doing anything invasive to yourself. smile.gif

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That makes sense about the wound response building more collagen, too bad a sunburn won't do that, kind of like smoothbeam. I have been using TNS recovery complex--suppose to be cutting edge technology with nouricel-MD which has human fibroblasts in it. Supposedly was on oprah and this newly genetically engineered invention is suppose to help build collagen. I kind of wonder though.

I haven't used TCA complex or cross and realize they are different, however it is still burning the skin so I wondered about collagen. I have used glycolic and got really bad scabbing, but after it healed it did look better. I have also been using hyaluronic acid supplements, and think they are working to plump, perhaps building that precious collagen [-o<

Thanks for the info!

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From what I have read, a sunburn/tan is basically your skin's response in an attempt to defend itself from the harmful rays of the sun. I am not exactly sure how deeply the sun's rays penetrate. Non-ablative lasers such as SmoothBeam target the upper dermis.

I have heard of TNS Recovery Complex but have not researched the ingredients. A good site that lists some information about various skin care ingredients is: http://www.cosmeticscop.com/learn/dictiona...y.asp?TYPE=MAIN

When in doubt, I refer to this site because of the helpful information.

In regard to peels, I would suggest starting slowly (lower percentages) and also give your skin time to heal between treatments so that it has a chance to rebuild it's barrier. smile.gif

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Sunburn/tanning is different from peel burns because sunburns/tanning is a radiation burn that penetrates the dermis. As far as I know, light/medium peels don't penetrate to the dermis.

I wish the sun was like peel sad.gif

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