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Advice Please!

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Okay my acne has just progressed the past two years until its out of control on my back, top of my arms, shoulder, chest, and mouth/nose area.

My back is pretty bad because I never cared I only picked at it and it became worse, I am going to see a dermatologist for it in a few months. I would see its a little less then severe now. But I only want help with my face because I have actually had some success in the back and arms area.

I have tried treating it with multiple things, burned my face, dried and cracked it severely little success. I used to use hand soap to try to get rid of it. My face has indistinguishable acne because it is always changing, from almost moderate to nothing, like a roller coaster.


Anyway, recently I have purchased two things for my FACE acne ONLY. I only want help with my face =)

Benzoyl Peroxide wipes 2.5%

Sylilc Acid face wash (comes in like a soap dispenser) 2.5% too i think

I've been using it and not touching my face for a few days, but I want you guys expert opinion on a plan to use it, I would REALLY appreciate it.

So far I have been waking up, shower, wipe face with benz perox. End of the day, wash with sylilic acid and I just repeat.

Please fix my regimine to the best you guys think it could work! I appreciate it!

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Ok thanks, anymore comments appreciated. When I posted that, my acne had 4-5 bad white heads around my mouth. Yesterday I was good, and today I have more new ones under my nose between my mouth.

Gotta love the fucking acne rollercoaster, always takes my self esteem on ride with it. Happy one day, dont wanna go out in public the next. **%(*@@%(*@(%*!%()!)%()(%!(!%)(!%

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I need help, I have been using 2.5% benzoyl peroxide wipes, and my face has smoothed and cleared pretty good, feels nice and isnt overly dry and just a very very tad bit tight when I move my mouth around but hardly noticeable.

Now though, around my mouth there are a few strong new pustules that are white and completely red and it is so obvious I was going to go clothes shopping tomorrow but if its anywhere the same as it is now I'm staying home all day without a doubt.

I want to know if this is suppose to happen when using BP? Will it go away soon? Im trying so hard not to pop anything but by doing so I will not even go outside. I am so happy I didn't work today its disgusting. Only a few pustules too but its so big and obvious FUCK.

So like I said before, should I stop or whats going on I really need advice.

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