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Wow. I have been reading so many posts and I am nowhere closer to making a decision, but I am still leaning towards accutane. Nothing topical works for me, not clindamycin, eurythromycin, rentin-a, BP, salicylic acid, nothing. I can't take any antibiotics anymore because I get yeast infections. Ortho Tricyclen worked OK, but I gained weight and menstrated every other week!

My acne just keeps getting worse. Thank GOD I stopped getting cystic pimples on my forehead but I am in a contant state of break-out around my chin and upper lip. I am covered in red spots and I am starting to scar.

I have had depression before but I've been good for while. It's just that my acne itself really depresses me. I hate looking in the mirror because I feel like it's not me anymore.

I am scared to start accutane but I am also afraid of not doing anything because my skin just gets worse and worse. I don't want to be left with scars all over.

I am even getting the copper IUD so I can take accutane (The mirena IUD made my skin a war zone and I don't think it will ever recover).

My derm wants to start me on a low-dose since my acne is moderate but persistant and scarring.

What do you guys think I should do? :doh:

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Hey, I feel like I totally know you because I have the same problem! I have mild-moderate acne on my chin, forhead, and a little on my back. NOTHING worked. I am going on Claravis (generic form of Accutane) and I admit I am a bit scared. I am waiting till after my vacation to Florida, due to it causing extreme sun sensitivity. I have my doubts. The side effects definetly scare me. But if having clear skin is something you really want, go for it. I dont know about you, but waking up one day WITHOUT redness, zits, and blackheads sounds fannntttasssstiiiicc. Hopefully, if you DO decide to go on Accutane, we can keep posts together on our journey through the scarey drug =)

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