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I still have a lot of leftover toner from Proactiv and wanted to know what exaclty toner does?If it helps red marks and stuff i might use it again. Anybody know?

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I am using Proactiv and have had good results so far. The Toner is alcohol-free and is used to help balance the skin tone and removes dead skin cells. It contains Whitch Hazel, Aloe and Chamomile to sooth and soften plus allantoin to stimulate the growth of healthy tissue. It also is good to remove excess oil without over dryign the skin.

Now, having said all of that I don't use the toner at all!! Instead I replace the toner step for Apple Cider Vinegar!

My routine is:

Wash with the Proactiv Cleanser

Use Apple Cider Vinegar as my toner all over my face the concentrate on problem areas

Apply repairing lotion (a generous portion).

Hope that helps.


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Actually, nope! I think only because I apply the repairing lotion to my face after the vinegar has settled. I just went through the routine and walked into my bedroom and asked my husband if he could smell it and he said No also.

I do this morning and night. I think if I didn't put the lotion on my face after the vinegar...I'd stink to high heaven..lol


does the vinegar not make your face smell for the rest of the day?
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i dunno right now now im using something that has salicylic acid, lactic acid, and a lot of other stuff in it(its says alpha hydroxy wash) and im trying to get rid of red marks. After that im putting on the Toner. Im gonna do this for about a month and ill let u know how it goes for red marks.

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