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so, what foods are vitamin A free and how careful do you really need to be?:P I found some guava juice that doesn't have any vitamin a, but orange juice, mixed vegetable juice etc have quite a bit.

I've just started a low dose course so I guess Im obsessing a bit. But it would be great if anyone could list foods that are ok on tane and are vitamin a free. TIA

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Its good that you're looking out for your health and well-being, but to be honest with you, adding the amount of vitamin A found in food and vitamins to your dose of accutane will effectively do nothing. If you started taking a vitamin with say 10,00% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A along with tane then you might run into a little trouble, but accutane is so powerful and contains so much vitamin A (derivative) that adding 100-500% of the recommended daily intake will have no effect. Think of it this way: if you had a bathtub of water (accutane) and then you were worried about adding another glass of water to it (extra vitamin A in food) - my derm described it as pissing on a submarine - it has no effect. So I'd say don't even think about it, but if you're still stressing talk to your derm about it to get reassured. Good luck!

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Thanks for explaning it - that makes sense. And LOL @ 'pissing on a submarine.' I wish I had your derm:)

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