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Not giving up acne log - 10mg/day

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wow i am also doing the bha/aha + wait 30 mins then retin-a regimen, but only for a few weeks. and aside from that i am also thinking of the 10mg/day of accutane, wow! we are twins. :P.

anyway, good luck on your journey to clear skin! i will be visiting your log every now and then before i start the low dose accutane myself, just to make sure i'll be okay. LOL


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qvs_dudung - Im actually taking 20mg/day these days. I've only experienced minor side effects, so I'm going to continue with this dose.

Day 26

I have a confession. My nose has been looking awful, so the other day I extracted every single blackhead on my nose. I had to be gentle and it took a while, but I am so glad I did it. Now my nose is smooth and blackheads have yet to reappear. I did get a couple of red marks, but I've been covering them up with concealer - so no big deal really. I usually wear liquid foundation, but today I only put on powder and a bit of blush before going outside, and it felt so good. But I do prefer to wear a bit of primer under it though as my pores are kind of huge:P

Because of my skin I've been spending a lot of time indoors and I'm turning into a loner. I've found a work-out buddy and I'm going to start hitting the gym. Most of the athletes competing in the Olympic games have wonderful skin, so I am pretty sure exercise = flawless skin (LOL).

My eyes have been bugging me quite a bit. When I wake up in the morning my eyes feel so uncomfortable and I just want to shut them and go back to bed. They do get better throughout the day, but if I enter a shopping centre with a/c, they get so red and dry that people stare. Therefore I've decided to get punctal plugs put in. I guess I'm getting the temporary ones first, and if there is an improvement I can get the permanent plugs. I really hope this is the solution:)

Oh, and I strongly recommend RoC Enydrial repairing lip care. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and my lips are so soft. Tomorrow I'm going to check out Laura Mercier's mineral powder. Now that my skin is clearing up I need to find something lighter.

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Day 29

So it seems I'm not able to escape the dreaded IB. Going from pretty ok skin to pimples everywhere is kind of tough, but at least I know that the tane is doing its job. So tomorrow I'm going to find a decent concealer:)

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Deadbeat007 - I really like the full cover concealer by make up forever. The coverage is amazing:))

Day 34

So my skin is looking pretty good. I just have one pimple under my nose and a scab on my left cheek. I wear less makeup now than pre-tane, and it feels great:) Still have blackheads on nose and clogged pores on forehead, but they are not that visible. I've even had two guys hitting on me over the last couple of days... too bad they were in their 40s and 50s. lol.

My eyes are still dry, so I try to avoid places with a/c. I've bought some eye gel and that seems to help a bit. I had to re-schedule my appointment to get the punctal plugs inserted, but hopfully it will happen soon.

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Hey :D

Good to hear you are doing well on the low dose =D - I am also on a low dose(10mg/day), and have been it on 10 days now. I was just wondering if you still were on 10mg and if not, did you noticed any side effects from bumping the dose from 10mg to 20mg?

Hope it continues to go well =)

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Adamklang - didn't notice much difference when bumping it up to 20mg. I just felt like 10 was not enough and that it would take forever to see any changes in my skin:P Good luck:)

DB - Thank you:)

Day 38

I seriously think accutane has stopped working:( My skin gets oily again and I have to wash my hair every other day. I don't know what's going on. I take it with a fatty meal and follow all the advice so I don't know what more I can do. Is it normal for the skin to go oily again a month in without changing anything? Perhaps I need to increase my dosage. I think I need to see my derm. Advice needed:))

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It's seems pretty common to get oily again during the course. From what I've read, people usually dry up again as their course progresses. Could it be hormones or something?

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Day 42

Face is dry again, and my nose is once again covered in blackheads. But this time I'm going to see if they will come out on their own so I will have to keep my fingers off my face. There are a couple of plugs that have surfaced already, so I am really hoping that the end of the blackheads era is near.

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Day 45

I wish I could stay on accutane forever... my skin is looking goooood:P Went to buy new glasses today, and I was able to look about myself properly in the store mirror without turning away after 2 seconds. I have never, ever been able to do this. And I was just wearing minimal makeup.

Ive got 20 more days of tablets, then I have to go back to the derm. I think I want to do another 2 months on 20mg/day and then go down to 10mg/day. I still have blackheads on my nose and forehead that I'm hoping will eventually go away.

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Day 81,

I can't believe it has almost been three months.... and my skin is looking pretty good if I may say so myself:P I did switch to acnotin which is the same as accutane, only cheaper. I buy it from the local skin clinic, and they give me a discount when I buy in bulk:P It is strange how pharmacies here are not allowed to sell isotretinoin, while skin clinics can sell them over the counter. No questions asked.

About a month ago I decided to stop picking at my skin. I was always squeezing out those ugly blackheads on my nose, and they would always return. So I stopped extracting blackheads and at one point my nose was looking so gross.... but I managed to keep my fingers away and I am so glad I did. Eventually the black stuff went away and all I could see were yellow plugs covering my nose. These either pushed themselves out or I scratched them off (lightly). And now my nose is looking wonderful. The pores are still there, but they are no longer clogged. I just use some foundation primer and it looks completely smooth.

I must say that I'm only on 20mg/day and it has taken almost three months for blackheads to clear up. And they certainly did not just fall out over night. So please don't give up right away if you're not seeing 'instant results.'

As for side effects, the only issue is dry eyes. I try to avoid rooms with a/c and I'm always trying out new eye drops. My hair is shedding a bit more than usual, but it's not a big issue. I'm going to cut it short anyway when I finish my treatment... as I no longer need long hair to hide behind:)

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Day 89,

So things are not so good these days. My forehead broke out the other day and the blackheads on my nose decided to come back with a vengeance.. most of them are slightly raised and look awful. I even have a pimple on my nose:(

I'm trying not to focus too much on my skin, but it's really hard when it's looking this bad. I'm tempted to squeeze out all the blackheads, but I'm trying not to. I really wish they would go away by the end of this month - or I could just go as pizza face for halloween:(

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hey there.

i have acne problem since i was a teen.

and till im 20 now, the problem has never gone away.

recently, i went to see my doctor regarding my acnes.

and he prescribed me acnotin.

i want to know after consuming this pills,

will there be more pimples and acne coming out?

am i still able to put on makeup?

and what are the side effects?

how is the condition of the skin while taking these pills?

it will be great if u could answer my questions!

thanks in advance! :)

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Hi there Chicky1, I also have a question. Why did you do such a low dose? was it because your acne was mild or are you really small? Im considering tane and am trying to get some info. Cosette

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