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Before I start, I'm new here, so hi!

I'm 18 years old, and have had problems with acne since I was 14. When I started to break out, I broke out pretty heavily, so I was prescribed Clindoxyl and Minocycline. For years I have had no problems with breaking out, and had extremely clear and beautiful skin up until I turned 17, and had stopped using the Minocycline when I turned 16. The Clindoxyl was all I'd needed.

I stopped using Clindoxyl at around 17, as I hadn't really looked into it, and was worried it may cause problems later on from using it so much, and figured that my skin was already clear and just to try regular face washes for oily skin.

It was fine up until I started noticing that I was getting bad cystic acne around my mouth; on either side. After that I had tried everything from Aveda's acne line, to Vichy's Normaderm, etc etc. My skin had cleared up a noticeable bit, and everything was fine.

The problem is that now it's come back, and it's worse than it's ever been. Not only is it on the sides of my mouth, but the left side of my face is now littered with random cysts. I had begun using the Clindoxyl again, but it didn't seem to do much good anymore.

Now I'm using Cetaphil Oily Skin cleanser, with Reversa's acneprone skin exfoliator with 8% glycolic acid. I use tea tree oil as a spot treatment, and drop some in my moisturizer as well. The worst of it is that I'm a cosmetician, and I do have to look good at work, so I find I'm wearing more makeup than usual (also just found out my foundation was NOT noncomedogenic, just looked at the oil free part of it before that. Bah), which can't be good for my face at all (I do try to wash my face with just water and reapply tea tree and then make up on my lunches, however). If I know I'm going to be wearing a lot of make up, too, I'll use PanOxyl 5% benzoyl peroxide before my moisturizer and make up. The only thing is that I don't seem to be stopping the breakouts, or even minimizing them, I still wake up with at least two beginning cysts every day!

Is there something I'm doing wrong? I'm pretty lost, my skin scars very easily, too, so this is really stressing me out. Help, please!

ps. sorry for the rediculously long post! Thanks for reading, haha.

pps. I think I may have posted this in the wrong area! Sorry if I did! Also, I enclosed a picture of myself from literally four months ago. I've had nice skin up until now, and I'm just wondering if it's because of makeup from work, or hormones or what! Gahhh, I just want to go back to how it was, and it's getting worse and worse :(. Excuse the airsoft gun and posing antics.



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Nice gun, but you shouldn't re-wash your face at lunch, trust me over washing your face (max twice a day!) is not the way to go and since I've cut it down I've noticed my skin has got a lot better. While you're at it cut down that 5% BP to 2.5% BP, it does the same job with the same efficiency just without all the irritation you get with higher % BP.

Best of luck.

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So you've got an M4 Carbine ... sweet! Haha.

It seems to me as though you're using a few too many different things and complicating matters. I think the best thing for you to do would be to get a simple routine and stick to it. As Master said, don't overwash your face so that's twice a day max. Check out Dans regimen as I think that would really help you.

Stop using the comedogenic makeup as soon as possible as that really isn't going to be helping matters at all.

I personally haven't had much joy with tea tree oil. I tried it once and I don't think it helped at all although others would say otherwise.

I'm sure you'll be fine soon enough once you get a routine going!

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only wash your face in the morning & night. washing it more than that/reapplying makeup can make it worse! for your cysts- see a derma & get them injected w/ cortisone if they really bother you or are painful. that's a quick solution for individual cysts.

also- antibiotics are short lived. ask about going on accutane if your cysts are persistant.:)

and, try bare mineral makeup instead of whatever else you're using. it helps w/ oil & won't make you break out, and it won't start to look gross by the afternoon.

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My situation is somewhat similar in terms of your symptoms etc. no problems with my skin until about 18 months ago for me - here's some advice that isn't related to products or drugs etc:

The biggest problem i have with my acne is the feeling that i don't have total control over it - i'll happily admit i'm a control freak, and i hate that feeling of not being in control of myself or anything related to that. There is no such thing as 100% total control over skin condition; of course we can strive to have as much control as possible and that comes from a good personalised regime. The more i learn to accept that i simply cannot have total control over it, the easier it becomes to deal with in a strange way. Apologies is this doesn't make too much sense, but i hope you catch my drift.

In terms of products I found that both Salicylic acid and BP do work for me although i haven't used BP for a while now. I use the Dermalogica Anti-bac cleanser which i think is good for me, and i do take anticbiotis in the morning. Let's just hope i'm a little clearer by the time the new year rolls around - it should be an important year for me! Remember, what works for me or anyone else, might not work for you, so try and find something that does work and stick to it.

Best of luck!


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