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HELP ME. I got a very bad sunburn! on Tane!! :(

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Since I started tane 1,5 months ago I avoided all sun. Today I spent 8 hours in the sun doing various things without SPF. The sky was all blue, and there was a LOT of sun.

Now my face is all red. It is VERY red. So red that people comment on it, and my friends even laugh because it is so bad.

So what im asking you; what do you I do now? Wash with cold water? use moisturizer etc?

It doesnt look like I have any actual wounds, my face is just very red...

Please help me out, I want to decrease any consequences this have...

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i dunno about being on accutane.

but a sunburn is a burn. treat it like one. you can try aloe vera gel and plain yogurt mask, especially if it's right out of the fridge. cold compresses too maybe. be careful to not freeze burn yourself.

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^ Yes, I was going to suggest that.

Also, drink plenty of water and use Aquaphor to help sooth dryness. I was on Accutane for 6 1/2 months. All you can do is just avoid the sun as much as possible because your skin is really thin and sensitive during and after 'tane.

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Hey there

Today I bought Alo vera, a 98% alo vera gel with E-vitamin in it. Im not sure that it has any lotion effects tho... I'm gonna sit tight inside for a few days and use this gel and drink tons of water.. and watch TV.

Do you suggest I stop accutane for a few days? Or would I be able to start using it again if I stay out of the sun? I stopped using it as soon as I had the sunburn.

thank you all...

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You could try Bio Oil its very good for sunburn and scars i use it every night as accutane makes red marks worse and it seems to really help, look it up on the net you should be able to buy it in most places.

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