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cetaphil no water, please read

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today was my 5th or 6th day with a regimen like this:

1. use toner

2. apply cetaphil no water

before i started this my skin was VERY dry. also, i didnt get any new pimples at all within this time. however, this morning i woke up and i had blackheads on my nose and couple other pimples. i hardly ever get blackheads on my nose and these are very noticable. im stopping now because i believe (like most of the other people who tried this method) that it is clogging my pores and even the added toner wasnt enough to remove all the dead skin cells. so, i wouldnt recommend it.

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I used it with no water aswell and it felt like my face was accumalating a mass of gunk on it.

I tried it with water and still left a mass residue hence leading to a slight breakout.

I dont think its for people with acne to be honest cause its next to impossible to remove from your face.

I could never understand how apply to the face daily and using no water,patting off the excess amount could benefit an acne sufferer.

Your only matting it into the problem and making it worse.

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I've actually been pretty happy with the results using the cetaphil/no water regimen so far. I've had very few pimples, and my skin feels like it's getting back into a normal state after being bombarded by topicals for so many months/years. I've been doing it almost 2 weeks. There has been some dryness, but nothing major. I imagine some good non-comedogenic moisturizer would fix that though

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what i do is put on teh cetaphil w/no water, then use water to remove it. the overall condiditon of my skin got better, it fealt smoother and more moisturized, but i also fealt it wasnt removing dead skin cells. So now i use clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub (Salicylic acid) but only 2 or 3x a week, this has been doing it for me. i think the idea is to not soake your face in water for a long time cause that dries the hell out of your face. Im also using bp morning and nite and euricin renewal in the mornings. I read once that patting on the euricin was a good idea, and i think this has been one of hte most beneficial things ive read on this messageboard in the past few months. I put the moisturizer on my neck and rub it in, then with the residue lightly pat the dry areas on my face. its just enough to keep me from being flakey and dry, but i dont get greasy looking like i used to, and im not saturating my pores in chemicals. give it a try

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