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Alternative moisterizers

A few years ago the regimine really cleared me up, and i only had 1-2 break outs a week. So i quit then it took a while, but it came back and bad. So i did a low dosage of b5, and it kept my acne in check but after a while i began having alot more break outs, then it got really nasty sad.gif . So I left the regimine, and did the high b5 dosage. I was totally clear biggrin.gif/ , and instead of reducing my dosage like suggested =; , i quit cold turkey.

Bad move, my acne returned with a vengance, worst it has ever been, well maybe 2nd worse. My only problem with the original regimine was that I have a tan complexion cause i am euroasian, so I had to find another moisturizer then purpose which made my face look pinkish, or like i had a powder on my face(guys that i know don't wear makeup).

So Now I am back on the regimine, my face is finally starting to turn around, and I am on a quest to find a good cheap moisturizer. I find that if I am not going into the sun I can get away with using pretty much any light moisturizer on my skin. I am going out to buy a couple of cheap ones, so far I found these below, if any one is using these with the regimine, let me know what you think, I need one with spf in it and no alpha hyrdoxy.

1. Dove Face Care Essential Nutrients, Day Lotion SPF 15

It is about 1/2 the price of the other ones. about 7 bucks

2.Eucerin Daily Sun Defense SPF 15, Sensitive Skin Lotion

the bottle is 2 times the size of the rest, and i just checked in my girlfriends bathroom, and she has some. After I use it I will let you guys know how it works.

3.Nivea for Men Vitamin Enriched Daily Protective Lotion, SPF 15

(also very cheap, slightly cheaper then the dove)5-6 bucks.

I currently use one from DHC, but 2 reasons I want to switch is becuase it is very expensive, and it is 25 bucks a tube. Despite the fact that I dont need to use much, a little really goes a longe way. But I would really like to pinch some pennies.

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