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Possible homemade acne cure???

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My friend has break outs and says that I should do this at home I don't know about this but I going to see if it works but I also want to see if it works for other people. He said to mix alcohol, asprin, and backing soda together and put it on the pimple..... Has anybody else have tried this???...... The thing is that I have sensitive skin and I don't know if I should really do this. Can someone see if it works.


Mix alcohol, asprin and backing soda

Next make sure the mixture is pastey and that the asprin is finely crushed.

Afterword apply onto pimple, when the mix is dry on the skin after 2 hrs wash off and pat dry.

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Ok I wouldn't do it especially with sensitive skin.

I would suggest you not do this, because all those ingredients are extremely drying and probably harmful to your face!

Alchahol especially is very drying, if you insist on doing this I would use a really good, oil free, moustorizer.

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Baking soda is a base and aspirin contains salicylic acid. When you mix an acid with a base, you get water and a salt. Simple chemistry.

Both baking soda and aspirin are useful for acne treatment, but dont use them together. Dont even use them on the same day, as you will irritate the hell out of your skin.

And avoid pure alcohol, you will destroy your face. I've tried all these harsh treatments in the past and let me tell you, dry, peeling, scaly, red, angry, inflamed skin is much worse than any amount of acne.

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