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Hey, I have been on the regimen for a month now. I started on June 22nd and so far so good! I have no new breakouts on my chin at all. I have 1 zit which has cleared in about 1 day. So I am very pleased with the results! So I have pretty light acne, my whole face is clear, the only place where I was starting to get breakouts was under my nose and on my chin..

SO NOW.. onto the important part. Everytime I apply BP my face gets pretty red, I assumed after about a couple of weeks my face would get used to it and the redness would subside, however I can still see redness around my nose and on my chin. It is very frustrating, has ANYONE ELSE experience the lobster for a while and how long does it take to subside??

I alread asked Brandy but I just want to know if it took a while for the redness to stop for anyone else? Any answers would be appreciated as I hate being a Lobster face!!!! :D

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I've been on the regimen for almost 3 months now, and I've been pretty much clear after the first month. But just like you, my biggest problem is the redness. I only apply the regimen to the middle of my face since that is my problem area, and I still kind of have noticable redness in that area. I think that a mixture of time (maybe by 4-5 months?) and lowering the BP dosage will eventually take away any redness...or at least I hope. :think:

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