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my gross body

i decided i am going to quit working out my muscles... i find that working out your muscles can cause acne too. Well, atleast thats how my body has reacted i still have acne and i had acne since i was 13 years old. i am now 17 years old, and my acne is tearing me up really bad. I have acne all over my body and I am a pale white complection person. I soon will be 18 years old in august... This is ridiculous, why do I have acne??? And also I look terrible my under-eyes have wrinkles and I am still young!!! I look like crap,and what is worse is that i don't wear my glasses because of this because when i look into the mirror i look so good looking because i don't see the really really bad acne i have. But than when i look at a cd as into my reflection i see what a truely ugly duckling i am... I don't understand acne pads use to work a little when i was younger, now they have no effect. Someone tell me what i am suppose to do. I wash my face everyday, this is a curseand my looks fade everyday. When i was younger i use to be the hottest guy in school, now i am considered a loser and a pothead and i don't even smoke weed. I am superficial when judging others even though i am no better looking, i only think i am better looking cause i see a different image in the mirror. And my eyes, theylook crazy!!!!! i have crazy looking eyes,this is pissing me off....

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Don't stop lifting because of this. As a heavy and almost zealous lifter I hate to see someone stop. Try some new regimens and treatment, I would rather have acne and a great physique than give up something that's so healthy for you to MAYBE clear up your skin a little. PM me if you want to talk about this. Peace and god bless.

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Yeh agree with image101. Dont give up on the training, it does heaps for your confidence. Just stick at it man.

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