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Miss Thing

Face Reality Skin Care - Long Distance

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Hi folks,

I was just wondering if anyone out there has had sucess as a long distance customer of Face Reality Skin Care? My derm has told me that I have combo moderate acne/rosacea - but nothing she's given me so far is helping. I've been reading about FR services and they've gotten great reviews. I'm intrigued, since they seem to be really focused on dealing just with acne issues.

Since I don't live in the San Fran area, I wondered how sucessful their long distance services are. Has anyone out there tried the long distance plan? If you have, how'd it go? Were you able to maintain results long term?

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Also, one other long distance client posted this message in my log:

"HI Willow! I'm new around here but we messaged once on makeupalley about Face Reality.

I'm a long distance client (very long distance, I'm in England) and I've been on the treatment for 4 months I think, I've lost count. Anyway, things are actually going great, I've cleared considerably (I had both types to begin with, inflamed is now totally gone and non inflamed greatly reduced) I even ventured going outside without any foundation a few days ago! I hadn't done that in AGES! I still do break out though, as we speak, I'm sporting two new appereances, but is nothing compared to what I started with so I'm happy with the results so far."

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Here is a review posted on yelp.com from a long distance client (I think this person had a mix of inflamed and noninflamed acne). She also has some before/after pics on yelp.

"Last week July 11, 2008- I emailed Julie my Long distance patient check in forms and photos. Julie responded back to me that I have "GRADUATED" and so I no longer need to emailed her my check-ins. But if I need anything or have any questions I can still contact or email her. They are the most caring, awesome service, thoughtful, serious ACNE Professionals EVER!!!! They well never, ever let you be on your own or let you have any concerns UNLESS you don't tell them you have concerns.

So far as of today July 18, 2008, as you can see in my before & after photo that I dare and was brave enough to post on my own "WILLING". I am now cleared of breakouts. I thought I would never be cleared. But I am a million times happy to say I DO NOT have a single breakout. My makeup applies on evenly and smoothly. My scars are 95% gone. I can't be happier than this. NO PRODUCTS CAN EVER BEAT "FACE REALITY SKINCARE PRODUCTS!" Thanks a Million Julie and the whole Face Reality Skincare staffs.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions you have. Good Luck! Oh! Yeah!!! and if you want to check out my BEFORE & AFTER... Do so before I last min. and decide to delete them"

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