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ok i need to find my own regimen to fight existing pimples(all kinds) and red marks, scars all at the same time.....what do i need to buy and how mnay times per day to put on...this is what im thinking

cetaphil cleanser-3 times a day

neutroegena on the spot treatment-2 times a day

some sort of moisturizer? how much? which?

100%alove vera...3 times a day

some sort of exfoliator?

please can someone help make a regimen telling me what to use and how much a day......also can it hurt my face in any way to put so much crap so many times a day?..like can it make it worst?

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Glad to see you're thinking about going on the way to clear skin.

First things first, I wouldn't try and treat all the things at the same time. If you try and get rid of active acne, and red marks, and scars at the same time, you won't do more bad than good.

So, let's start off with the active acne. After you're clear of this you can start addressing the red marks and scars.

I would try the Acne.org regimen first: www.acne.org/regimen.html. It is ESSENTIAL that you follow the regimen to the letter, making sure you do everything it says. A good combination would be this:

Morning and Night


Cetaphil cleanser

Neutogena On the Spot 2.5% BP

Cetaphil Moisturiser

When you've adapted to the BP, you can move on to Eucerin Renewal AHA moisturiser.

NEVER wash your face more than twice a day. The increased agitation can cause further breakouts.

That would be your active acne regimen. After you are clear (and have been clear for at LEAST 2 months or more), you can move on to red marks. I have a lot of red marks and they are very rapidly disappearing when I use vinegar on my face. Get a bottle of malt vinegar and put a very thin layer of it on your face before you go to bed, and before you apply your BP. Let it dry and then apply your BP.

As for scars, you have a LOT of options available to you. Home options include acid peels, while more professional and serious options include Dermabrasion and SmoothBeam. Check out the Scar Forum for more information.

You CAN if you want incorporate the vinegar into your routine now. However, the regimen holds a basis in the fact that you should not cause any undue irritation to your skin when on it. The vinegar may increase irritation and so you won't get clear. It's up to you, but I'd recommend starting with the regimen and then, when you're clear, add in the vinegar.

Hope this helps, and the best of luck to you in your route to clear skin! O:)

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