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Ok, So here's the deal. I have this pimple which has sort of turned into something else.

Let me explain, ...It was a pimple I put 5% bp on it the first few nights and then switched to tea tree oil last night and i also put some 2.5% BP on top of the tea tree oil.

Well, This morning I woke up and peeled the lotion leftovers from the bp off of it this morning and It sort of took a thin, thin layer of my skin off. I have never had this happen.

Should I just leave it alone or should I maybe apply neosporin on it. I most diffently made it worse.

It looks like a cut now instead of a pimple.

Any tips?? :dance:

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I've often put Neosporin on blemishes that are open - I recommend using the "Neosporin Creme" as opposed to the regular, thick stuff. The creme is less likely to clog pores.

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Some people have trouble with an ingredient in neosporin. I did so I use polysporin. I will dab some on the area and then cover with a spot bandaid and it helps the medication stay on and will help prevent infection and clean up the area!

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i touch my face a lot (gross i know) and since starting RAM its that much worse. i dont know wtf my problem is...but i followed the advice of my brother who is 4 years younger than me (go figure) and i put neosporin on all the open thingies. the next day they were red instead of brown and easily peeled, no pain or bleeding. the RAM took care of getting the color back to normal.

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