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Hi, after looking around for a very long time I finally registered and posted my first post. First of all I want to say I know what ya'll going thru

and how ya feel. Secondary, sorry for my bad English. I'm a boy suffering from moderate acne for about 3 years or so. Because of the regimen my acne is now light/moderate(It was moderate and cleared a little up now, so I feel more confident).

I'll tell ya what I understand under moderate/light acne. on the left side of my forhead it's getting pretty clear, right sight a few blemishes and zits, also a few small scars overall on my forhead. Right cheek, some active acne, a little more blemishes. Left cheek the same. Chin pretty clear.

I just wanted to share my story, caus I feel pretty good although I got acne. Just finally gone out, although I haven't gone out for a very long while. I feel so good again. Everybody sees I have acne but everybody is so nice for me, which gives me so much strength. I made some new contacts and it feels so good. Contact with girls get's better and better, unfortunately not the best of the best, but I can live with it very well.

Now I got light/moderate acne, I finally can look people in the eye again.

I also had I wish, I wish, but because of this little clearance I can look in the mirror again and say to myself well I'm not the most pretty one, but it ain't to bad. I also blamed God for this sometimes(and lost my faith in him), but now I'm thankfull that not many people make fun of me because I have acne.

All with all I just want to say, keep on fighting this war, caus one day there will be light in the darkness that get's you through all this. So on a day that's worse believe that soon it'll be better and keep on having faith in yourself, no matter what( I know sometimes it's difficult)

Remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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